Do you know me? _ Jorge Rebelo

Never thought like this before!! Touching!!


(Granny Martha, in Hulene Township)

Do you know me? Do you know I’m here?
Have you ever noticed me? Perhaps not?
I am the woman at the roadside
beckoning you to buy
as you walk by.

At every break of day
I leave my tumbledown
for the long trudge
– a heavy bundle on my head –
I find a pitch
dump my bundle
stretch out a cloth
and line up one by one the hillocks
of onions, potatoes, garlic and beans.
Then I settle down
for the long and patient wait.

How much anguish in this wait!
Thirteen mouths to feed
(thirteen!) fugitives from the war
waiting at home, anxious and famished.
When I don’t sell there is hunger
and despair.

Sometimes I think about revolt:
living this marginal existence
alongside luxury and opulence
like a provocation…

But for me
storms have lost their charm
even the storms supposed…

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