Morning shows the day!!

It was a “GOOD MORNING” today, rather than just MORNING!!
The Sun, has stayed hidden behind the clouds for quite some days and it was pouring rain in the morning.

Rainy morning!
Rainy morning!

Some of my colleagues are great fans of Football and follow the sport. They play football every Saturday morning. But today was different, cause I had geared up myself to go and play the sport with them. You can easily say that I am a novice in playing Football, as I have just been an audience to the Game. But, today I got to know the feeling of a player. The reflexes, the rush of impulse, the expectations within teammates to perform well. All of these packed in the moment.

The field we played, was not so huge but the passion within us to net the ball was immense. As it was raining heavily, there was mud all around and I should say that I fell the most number of times(6) on the field. I got to learn many new tactics from my colleagues of how to kick the ball longer and dribble. And yes, I headed the ball 3 times today! Yes, I am proud of that. The blackness that heading a football creates was new to me, which thankfully stayed for less than 2 seconds.

So, you must be guessing about the end scores, but it was 0-0, because both the Goalies were the stars and saved many attempts. And, the defense was also good. As it was just a friendly match within ourselves, I got to play as Forward, Defender and Goalie also πŸ˜€

Irrespective of the result of the game, the best thing is we enjoyed the rain, the game, the company of one another and the spirit of Doing Better!

FIFA WC 2014 has seriously has done something good for me. And I hope that Indian Super League(ISL) also does good for Football in India and helps India achieve greats heights.

Lets Football.
Lets Football.

Hoping for more Good Mornings like today and lets see what the rest of the day has in store for me.

See you on the field,


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