Maktub- It is written!!

Everytime some unexpected thing happens, I say to myself, Maktub!!

So, does it mean that we should not do our duty and leave things in the hands of Fate?
Does it mean that we stop taking risks and let life roll, as we don’t care?
Does it mean that we don’t show our objections and silently accept things?

The answer is No.
If God wanted all of us to suffer, then there wouldn’t had been Kindness, Humanity, Care, Love around us. We would had been surrounded by Jealousy, Hatred, Anger, Ego.

God wants us to appreciate the Moments of Happiness and pleasure and Joy(this is the reason behind the sadness, failure and suffering given by God) and wants us to share it with our near and dear ones. The duration of Happiness is not in our hands but the amount of Joy and Satisfaction which we feel from the Happiness is in our hands and if we make sure that we enjoy every bit of Happy moments, then we can always lead a wonderful life.

So, back to the questions?
If everything is written, why should I care to change it? And will it change things?

I think, that God is KIND to every living being, so once in life he gives us an option and its already written in our fate, that WHATEVER S/HE WISHES MUST HAPPEN. And, if we had lose hope before that moment arrives, then that’s the biggest mistake of our life. We all get just one life to live and we should keep trying because once in everyone’s life, this MOMENT of OWN WISH comes and that’s when if we make good choice, we are blessed for Life orelse otherwise.

So keep trying and let the lamp of Hope burn till eternity 🙂

Stay Blessed,

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