What if I was born in the 15th century?
What if I was born in USA?
What if I was born a girl?
What if I didn’t had any siblings?
What if I didn’t had a job?
What if I had some disease and I didn’t had much time left?
What if SHE was not in my life?
What if I didn’t do enginnering?
What if I was left handed?
What if there was no WHAT IF??


There are so many questions or should I say HYPOTHETICAL questions which we think of on a regular basis. These hypothetical questions are the ones which
sometimes helps us in making a better decision or sometimes are the ones which makes us lose a great opportunity by taking a wrong step.

But, why to give importance to these Hypotheticals, when we already know that they are never gonna be true, or to say the least ARE NOT TRUE IN THE PRESENT!!
But, still we do and it totally depends on the mindset of an individual how he looks at the answers he finds from this hypothetical questions. Mostly, we are depressed on knowing what we find but that should make us happy that we are in a far better place.

The present is the most important. The past is also important but not worth much time of the present. The future is uncertain but that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan it. We should prepare for the best, but also be ready for the worst.But,one thing is certain
that Hypotheticals should be kept aside safely just like a wall clock. We all need it in our house but we hardly use to look time in it.
Similalry, for reality check, hypotheticals are good but one should not overthink the things and start depending far too much on it.

What matters is Now and there is no place for What-if in NOW!!

Be logical,

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