Run against yourself!!

All our life, we believe in running. Some run from home to work, some from work to home, some from one work to another, some on the treadmill, some in the games played in laptops, some from responsibilities, some from laziness, some towards comfortness, some towards each other, some towards one another, some from each other.. Whoa so much running and yet we’re never planning to stop!!

Take a break.. Have a deep breath.. Have a moment for your ownself.. Have a life.. That ideal Peaceful life..

Life is not about a sprint, it’s about a marathon. Running hard for a small period & then gasping for breath won’t help much. We have to be consistent. We have to run at a general average speed, so that no matter how pumped up we are or how tired we are, we must try to hold on to that average speed & maintain it. Hold on to the base speed. That’s what will take your far.

Competing is good. But we have to first make sure we compete against the right opponent.
Choosing the RIGHT opponent is difficult.. Him or Her or Them or Me??
If you make any other guy your opponent for competition, then you’ll aim to be like them & in the process you’ll lose your individual uniqueness or identity. And also, once you surpass them you’ll have to find another opponent & then again do the same drill.

But, let’s say if you choose yourself. You got many advantages like you will try to be(and you will definitely be) a good human being than what you were yesterday. You will try to improve yourself with such an opponent whom you know so very well & surpassing them will not only take wits but will also give you a profound sense of happiness. Run from the monster inside you towards the angel in you. You don’t have to keep on changing your opponent’s, because what you are today, you weren’t yesterday & you won’t be tomorrow. Tomorrow also you will evolve.. Today you’re evolving.. Yesterday also you evolved..

Run & Evolve

Choose the best for you.. Your friends, family, near & dear ones are the energy boosters in your life, who will help you overcome the hurdles you face in this marathon.. Seek their help, heed their advice but ultimately do what you think it’s good for you because you gotta face the consequences of whatever decision you take, not any of them.

Keep winning against yourself,

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