Ain’t got!!

Poor ain’t got money,

Rich ain’t got peace,

Terrorists ain’t got humanity,

Politicians ain’t got votes,

Teachers ain’t got time,

Students ain’t got opportunities,

Haters ain’t got love,

Lovers ain’t got faith,

Parents ain’t got responsibilities,

Kids ain’t got patience,

Managers ain’t got resources,

Resources ain’t got skills,

Comedians ain’t got fame,

Actors ain’t got privacy,

Laborers ain’t got future,

Lawyers ain’t got witnesses,

Detectives ain’t got proof,

Customers ain’t got bargain,

Producers ain’t got profit,

But, they all got one thing same,

All crave for some thing or the other in their own ways.

Poverty gnaws all.

P.S.: This was a topic asked by another close friend. Title was ‘Poverty’. Hope I did justice.

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