Simply awesome!!

Dear Sylvia

There was a boy.
He was a boy too. Once,
When he met You and held You
and wanted to make You his.
The night You said yes, he walked
in a frenzy of love and fear
and the future casts it’s shadows
and they grew heavier on the boy.
Now tell me,
You who were his love,
You who were his friend,
do You remember
that solemn, earnest boy?
Do Your eyes ever turn like his
to the heedless skies
and their laughing mirrors
of diverse scorn?
Do You ever dream of his dreams?
Do You feel his hurt
across the oceans? Do You see him
as he sees you, riding clouds
that rage fire, pouring flaming hail,
scorching the prairies of his heart?
Do You see the rubble
of the cities he built
for You and the future?
Do You see how small he feels,
holding the small…

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