Unique wardrobe!!

We all wear dresses that we like,

In which we look handsome, dashing,

beautiful, cool and which will suits us.

We keep a whole range of dresses in our wardrobe,

and we know we will rock in any of the robes.

Similarly, we humans are like a wardrobe.

We contain so many qualities, good, bad and ugly,

and wearing all these qualities,

we will look so much awesome,

and all these qualities comes at the cost of constant working on it,

Trying to evolve the quality and indirectly evolving yourself.

Wear these qualities and look beautiful,

So that others will like your robe so very much,

that they will themselves start wearing it.

Help others look beautiful and if they need suggestions,

Give them the best, for they’re the ones who recognize your beauty,

They deserve to be recognized also.

You never know, you may lead to the World of Narnia,

with the help of this unique Wardrobe.

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