Get yourself upgraded regularly.. BTW what’s your version number?!!

Techie world

Techie me

Life is like a Play Store

Here you’ll find all kinda apps

Gaming apps

Management apps

Reader apps

Information apps

And If we think logically

These apps also have version upgrades

Internet connection is like DESIRE FOR IMPROVING

The more desire you got

The more frequently you get upgraded

You can also go through other apps

But make sure you look out for their upgrades also

Sometimes we have to help others upgrade

And doing that we upgrade ourselves

So keep on upgrading yourselves

Fix the previous issues

Add additional functionalities

Improve your UI(body structure)

Get all better and in the end

Make your known people(the end users) Happy..

My recent version is “Cheerful Learner 23.11.08”

My App name = Cheerful Learner
Latest Version = 23.11.08 (years.months.days)

What app name would you like to have, if given a chance?? And your version also..

8 thoughts on “Get yourself upgraded regularly.. BTW what’s your version number?!!

  1. I keep upgrading myself.

    I am on 2.3

    I have led my life all the same since childhood. I decided to change my haircut n looks. That’s when I upgraded to 2.0

    Then I started cooking, blogging, trying new things, learning to lot of online courses, learning Spanish and keep adding stuff

    So whenever I execute one of my planned actions I go on minor upgrade.

    Its me @2.3

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  2. And see you’re helping this world be a better place by making yourself better always!! Wow, it’s always a good feeling to hear so much about a blog and the way in which it influences us 🙂 Thanks you always!!


      • Hahahaha yeah I can comprehend life better now though your post. .I am feeling blessed to read this post. .if not for the post I wouldn’t have considered adding functionalities 😀


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