Get rid of the Jealousy..

The first time at I looked at you


and you smiled

Because you also knew it instantly

But you didn’t wanted to fall so easily

And make me think

That you have fallen for me

So you try to avoid me

And show as if you got the upper hand

You got control of the situation

But inside you yearn for me

Just as I yearn for you

I don’t know what is the barrier

May be you think that I will think you as sleazy

Or a gal who falls for everyone

But don’t you see that

I also think the same about me

And then I ain’t got any problem

To be open to you

To share my true self with you

I would love if you do the same

And it would be more better

If you don’t try to play the JEALOUSY card on me

To show that you got a line of guys wanting you

It’s okay I know it’s true

But then I also know that they are not what you want

What you want is someone else

Who shares his true self and allows you

To be YOU and not what they want YOU to be

So gal if possible

Get rid of the jealousy act

And lets invest that time in knowing each other!!

4 thoughts on “Get rid of the Jealousy..

  1. Jealousy act is horrible. Girls seem to throw around that card a lot to get the ‘attention’ — it’s their fault and it’s not their fault.
    Not their fault because the society is after materializing the women strength by judging somebody’s attraction with how short and fitted clothes they wear — they just don’t let the woman be herself. Her fault because she falls for the society and think has no worth.
    Thank you for sharing — good observation.


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    • Oh Naima, you always make me see things from an angle which I didn’t think existed.. Thank you 🙂 Yes I am not telling that it’s a fault in gals/guys.. I was talking about that if someone has feelings then they should attend to it and accept it.. Not hide it or try to make the other jealous.. But yes the society we live in is all materialistic and they just know one thing.. CONCLUSION.. They don’t have the brains or the time to think why its happening.. They just judge and conclude and name things and on top of that don’t even feel ashamed of spreading it to whomever they can.. And society is just a term with people in it so its these filthy and narrow minded people who are to be blamed.. Thank you for your genuine thoughts Naima 😉

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      • I agree that the burden of blame and accusations cannot be placed on anybody — it’s how we think and act to the situations presented in front of us. We choose whether to let the society bound us or break the stereotypes.


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        • Yes blaming others for something happened in your light is like keeping your own self in darkness and blinded. Always try to do the things which make you happy and I think all will be good 🙂 But then each one have different ways of handling situations so it all comes down to that single moment with its pressure and attention that the decision taken then defines the rest of our lives!!

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