Soar high..

These clothes don’t cover me

My secrets does

My feelings of my life does

I have to protect those from being exposed

I can’t share those with you

Because if I do

Then you will know everything about me

And once you do

I will be naked in front of you

My soul will be naked

And then you will see me

Both at my strength and my weakness

And then you will have no other way

But to support me while I am weak

And to guide me in proper direction when strong

You gotta offer me your lap to cry in weakness

And give me space to rise when strong

Inspire me Help me stand after falling

Given the world to soar and letting me fly high

But what I can guarantee you is

No matter how high or How far I go

I will not forget you or lose my way

You will be the only one in my mind always

And I will return to you Just you

To make us complete

And to help you soar and rise

Just like you helped me!!

2 thoughts on “Soar high..

  1. The nakedness of the soul can cost you quite a price if the other person only seem to take advantage of you.

    A very beautiful concept of not leaving behind anything whether we go high up to touch the sky or are buried deep down under the ground.


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    • Yes Naima the stakes are high when you expose your own self to someone. But then its a risk one takes as the result can be lifetime with someone whom you like. The hope of finding that one person is so greater always that risks of getting cheated or taken advantage of becomes secondary. Thank you for your thoughts Naima 🙂 Yes no matter where we are in life, we remember the people who were there for us when we fly or are buried deep down!!

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