Still picture of you..

walking-away-in-mist (1)

I saw you walk away from me

Into the misty road ahead

For that very last time

With your hair tied in a bun

With orchids in one hand

And your cell phone in other

It was a difficult thing to see

And thankfully you didn’t look back

Or else you would had seen

The few drops of tears on the ground

And a confused expression on my face

But then I realized why you didn’t look back

Because if you would had done

Then I would had seen

Your face with spoiled makeup on cheeks

Your kajal all overΒ your eyes

And all excitement of meeting me gone

And then I remembered what you said

Two months back

‘Darshith life is not only about you and me

Its about everything and our families too’

And I felt at that time what you said made sense

But didn’t ever thought that this one sentence

Will rob you away from me

And now all I am left with is our memories

And the still picture of your hair with bun

And phone and orchids and SILENCEΒ !!

25 thoughts on “Still picture of you..

  1. well I always believed that the saddest story’s are the best one and the sadest moments creates the best poems and i am right, this is beautiful although I feel bad for finding your sadness beautiful for me but hopefully everything is going to be just perfect and as you said never lose hope it can make miracles and that sometime we have to give up what we want the most and our dreams for the near and dear to our hearts, your words not mine, always remember that and also always remember that you are a great soul πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I wish you the best in life

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