Desire & Deserve.. Wish they can overlap..


The road ahead is a mystery

You don’t know anything about the road

It feels good to start a new journey

Hoping to see new faces

New places

New people

And it also feels a tad scary

As you have never been down this road before

It may bring you chaos


Life long troubles

But you know you will gain experience

You will get to know yourself better

And this is what life is all about

Knowing your ownself

So that you can know the world we live in

But the forward journey is difficult

As compared to the return journey

Because while moving forward

We don’t know what’s waiting

For us ahead

We just have to find it out

For our ownself

Have to deal with problems

Have to find the correct path

To reach the desired destination

But mostly in Life

The desired destination &

The deserving destination

Don’t overlap

And that causes pain

And struggle & craving

For returning back to

The cocoon

This return journey is difficult

No doubt but

Easier than the forward journey

Because we know the path of return

And we got the experience

Of the forward journey also

To help us bring an end to the

Whole journey and have a smile on our face

Either for the successful journey

Or for the heartily attempt you had

To seek your desire and make it what you deserve..

6 thoughts on “Desire & Deserve.. Wish they can overlap..

  1. There was a profound message for everybody here to experience the little joys of forward journey but if sucks then experience gained from it helps you strive great in return journey…Thanks for the splendid post 🙂

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    • It’s not mandatory that there should be a return journey but I think that if we want to do something new then we give it all the heart and try it. It takes courage and dedication for trying the new thing. And if it fails then we gladly accept it. So the duration to make the desire the deserved is more and needs everything from you. But if it fails, then the duration is less to think that what we desire can only stay as desire 🙂 I hope I made some sense 😀 in short if there’s a return journey(ie back to square one) then its easily to trace back the path we covered !! Wow thank you for all your curiousness Colin 🙂 you’re helping me bring out the best in me 😉


      • Yes it makes sense but I don’t think that there can ever be a return. Following your dreams is critical but, if they cannot be realized, then it may just need a change in direction. It is impossible to go back in as much as the lessons learned on the journey to a “failed dream” have changed you. i.e. You may feel you are going back to an earlier point in your life but it can never be because of the additional experiences that you have since had. Your writings are really interesting! 🙂

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        • Yeah Colin that I also had in mind, that if I can do time travel and go back to yesterday then still the time-travelled version of me will be more experienced and knowledgeable than the version of yesterday. So logically speaking there’s no going back to square one 😀 but if let’s say we love someone and its a failure, then to start again with somebody else means you’re starting from Zero but with added experience 😉 this is the reason why I love interacting with people because I get to see their perspective also 🙂 Thank you boss !! Hope the run of interesting writings continue 😀

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