Change in the unchanging world..


“Change is the spice of life”

All true & apt

And we all change individually

WRT time & surrounding

But does this world change??

Or its just an illusion

A mirage which seems to be there

But it actually isn’t

The world is static

It evolves sometimes

But then again reverts

It seldom changes

And it CAN change

This whole world

When EACH individual is

Ready to change

And that’s just

Out of the question..

18 thoughts on “Change in the unchanging world..

          • “Mostly” is too vague so I am going to assume that the “whole world” is the collective mentality of people.
            Will the whole world change? Yes of course it will. It does change all the time as peoples attitudes change however, their attitudes, and subsequent changes, are not going to be mirrored across the population. If you want “the whole world” to change to reach the same end goal, and given that we are all at different stages in our journey to enlightenment, then inconsistent and appropriate change is desirable.

            The Ship of Theseus reference poses some interesting perspectives however, if an object is replaced by an identical twin ……….. change has occurred. The fact that one cannot tell is irrelevant as long as it is known that the change did occur. If a tree falls down in a forest and nobody was around to witness it, did it make any noise? Of course it did because the noise would be generated by the tearing of limbs. It would be rather arrogant to suggest that because it was not witnessed, therefore it can be questioned.

            This logic can be (and commonly is) extended to debating the existence of a God. If a God cannot be proved to exist, then does it? My response to anybody who asks me to prove that my God exists is quite simply “You prove that he doesn’t!”

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            • Colin I am so glad that you went to such an extent to make me understand what you had in ur mind regarding the concept of the post. Appreciated man πŸ™‚ and yeah about ‘Proving the existence of God’ will also give rise to the same reaction as yours.. But my post is barely written on what came to my mind while writing today and it may be so that we are not traveling on the same path(as mentioned in your comment) so we are having a difference of opinion. And I m all open to see this world from various angles and you help me do it πŸ™‚ widen my horizon kind of a thing. And regarding the journey, even if the path is the same for 2 travelers then also whatever they may experience will be different based on their learning and accepting capabilities. So coming back to your comment, I m not denying that the world is not changing but it is changing but then again it is reverting g to the original form(as mentioned in the post) so it seems that th ere is no actual change as the original integrity is achieved back. I hope I was clear even though I am myself not satisfied with my answer πŸ˜‰ and yes if something is not witnessed then it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. People change no doubt just as the seasons and days and age so the world change but as it reverts to its original state and by this I mean that this world existed when we were not born and it will still exist after our departure. Or this world was created and may be after millions of years it will be destroyed in some way or the other. So there must have been a whole lot of events happened between the creation and the destruction but still the overall impact remains Nada. And now I am starring to feel as if I was not thinking correctly while writing the post because the existence of individual makes sense no matter the duration of the existence;) oh I m tired πŸ˜€ longest ever comment and I hope that there is no word limit in WP πŸ˜›

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    • Yes totally agreed!! But does this world change wholly? That’s what I had in my mind πŸ˜‰ because β€œA chain is as strong as its weakest link.” 😦


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