Love & it’s council of ministers..

Love can’t stay far

Nor near will be found love

Love has its own throne


Love has its own council of ministers


But is this council loyal to love?

Do they want love to extend its reign?

Or they want love to be dethroned?

Either love can bank its trust on its council and be betrayed by them

Or love can think good for itself and remain the ruler

The Grand throne of Love is the Heart

And love’s council of ministers is lead by the Mind


10 thoughts on “Love & it’s council of ministers..

  1. Heart and mind do not always agree and especially when it comes to love. The conflict is outrageous.
    I liked the idea though (throne and council ministers — are you sure you are not planning to join government soon? :D)


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    • Yes Naima when love invades it always finds the mind on the opposite side 😦 which is the irony of life πŸ˜‰ and yet I m unsure what I will do in future but being a part of government has never been in my mind and will never be πŸ˜› Its I think the effect of watching Game of Thrones πŸ˜€

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