Life has the last laugh !! or does it??


What is correct?

What is legit?

What is right?

What is acceptable?

What is better?

What is common?

When the past invades your present

What happens?

Does everything comes as a flashback

As if it just happened


No!! Just an hour ago

And now it seems all scattered

Is this what happens?

Or it already seems a distant past

And you can seldom remember

Anything clearly

It is there in your mind

Yes because it happened

In reality with you

But all is vague

And you don’t want to

Rub your hand like on the

Foggy glass pane

And want to see your past

In clarity because

You think that its gone

And let bygones be bygone

And you succeed also

Kudos !!

But till how long, is the question?

You will succumb

Not instantly may be

But eventually

And life will be there

Having the last laugh

As if it HAD you

All down on your knees and drenched


Yes you were down but not buried

And hence you rise

You get someone more lovely

In present, or in near-future

And you get the reason

To smile back at life

And think(not say)

I have Her and I am happy !!

Life didn’t get to have the last laugh

And it never will

Death may have the last laugh

But, till that no matter what

We must have lived our life up to the fullest.

26 thoughts on “Life has the last laugh !! or does it??

  1. Great thought weaved into words beautifully!
    I guess its on our mindset if we let the bad times conquer our thoughts and let the devil have the last laugh or we stay positive and strong, sailing though the ups and downs- to have the last laugh eventually πŸ™‚

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    • Yes the last laugh matters but not much I guess πŸ˜‰ if we aim to become better with each passing day and not fall prey to bad times then it will be us definitely having the last laugh πŸ™‚ Thank you Hargun for ur heartily comments !! Good day πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, the last laugh as such is just a terminology, what matters is to stay focussed & keep faith in times of adversity.
        And frankly, aim to be better each passing day is easier said than done.
        It needs loads of determination & efforts πŸ˜‰
        Good day!

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        • Oh yes everything needs persistent hardwork and nurture and effort and still we fall short from the expectation πŸ˜€ so we have to take it a bit easy and sometimes let Life have the steering but make sure that we change driver’s seat with Life, when important life defining moments come because Opportunity once gone stays gone πŸ˜€ you may get a new opportunity but not the same one 😦 We seldom get the chance to do ‘Atta-has’ πŸ˜€ (the roaring laugh in Hindi I guess not sure :D)

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  2. The image was an apt choice πŸ™‚
    The intermingling questions you described and how one cope up with the last laugh in relishing the moment is definitely counterproductive πŸ™‚
    goood πŸ™‚

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