Optional tag of Love..


If she don’t love me back

Then will it still be called love?

Because its not 2 sided

And it never will be also I guess

But I surely do feel for her

Want her to smile, to laugh

To be at peace with her life

Even though in chaos

I wish all this for her

But the strange part is

I want all this for myself also

Without her its all chaos everywhere

Helter skelter it is

Things don’t make sense much

But her presence there Is what is required

To feel peace when surrounded by confusion

To feel calm when everything frustrates me

To feel happy with she is there

Why I love her is not known to me

And whether will she reciprocate also

Is doubtful

All I know is

Love me or not

She likes talking to me

She likes knowing me

And letting herself known

Love is just a tag sometimes

And having that tag is optional

But having her with me is mandatory.

“Love will welcome, Whatever may come”

17 thoughts on “Optional tag of Love..

  1. Whether a one sided show of love validates the expression “love”, dictates that we analyze the meaning that we attribute to love. The term love is extremely versatile as it can be applied to the love of a brother, sister, parent, grandparent, friend, celebrity etc. For clarity, I will use the term “romantic love” to comment on your Post.
    We have to acknowledge that love and desire are two very different aspects of a relationship. You can physically desire somebody without necessarily loving them. The reverse is true although the relationship may well become difficult. So many people actually believe desiring someone is love, and the best advice I ever heard was “Never get love and lust confused. They are quite different!”
    For romantic love to happen, one must get to know the other person at an emotional level. If that person is not showing the same interest in you (emotional intimacy is never achieved), then to love them is a premature expression.How can you love somebody whom you cannot know?

    “Having her with me is mandatory” is offensive because it infers that she has no choice!

    Darshith: You write the most interesting pieces!!!!!!!!! Regards. Colin.

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    • Sorry for the late reply here πŸ™‚ oh reading your comments always make me think harder and in the right direction for both my post & my life πŸ˜‰ Oh yes I understand that HAVING HER WITH ME IS MANDATORY is offensive but don’t we try to show our possessiveness for the ones we love? Of course we do. And writing that line was because I know that the Gurl will always have the options whether to choose me or not but I have no other option ie I have to have her with me always. Then why happens is not in my control and having her is the only option I got, she has other options though πŸ˜‰ and what you said HOW CAN YOU LOVE SOMEBODY WHOM YOU CANNOT KNOW is super πŸ™‚ really awesome stuff πŸ˜‰ Personally speaking, I also love to know someone before thinking of going next level. Knowing the thought process of a person is important the physical cravenness because thoughts are more powerful & true & trustworthy πŸ™‚ Love, Darshith !!


      • “HAVING HER WITH ME IS MANDATORY is offensive but don’t we try to show our possessiveness for the ones we love?”

        To answer in one word – NO. A relationship between two people is all about sharing and caring, and nothing about possessing. We can possess objects, but we cannot possess people. How can you (Darshith) grow as an individual if your partner is possessing you. If you love somebody, you do not own them. If you love somebody, you want to participate in their life and would want them to participate in your life. Neither one owns (possesses) the other.

        As an aside, and knowing how much the English Language is different in the US, I am wondering whether your use of the language in India (?) is causing misunderstandings??????

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        • No Colin irrespective of the place where we belong, our thoughts are the same. But I am just trying to convey that sometimes may be due to jealousy or some other unknown factor, some people try to possess their better half or take them for granted(which is again totally different but connected) and its not love. In love, we give freedom & help in evolving each other πŸ™‚ and by Saying Having her with me is mandatory is I have no other option to be happy & I will do anything to have her ie make her mine by showing my true self πŸ™‚

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