What I see….

What do you think

I see when you find me looking at the mirror?

Grieving soul?

Broken heart?

Pain in eyes?

Forced dimples on cheek?

Frowned brows?

Shrugged shoulders?

Failed composure?

Drenched life?

No !!

That’s not the reality


I see

Smiling soul

Happy heart

Cheerful eyes

Attractive dimples

Lively brows

Capable shoulders

Confident composure

Blissful life

How can I stay sad and weak and in pain

When I know these are temporary and of no gain

Half the battle is won in mind

Before facing the battlefield wind

All I want to see is an evolved me

Today, tomorrow and that’s what I see..


13 thoughts on “What I see….

    • We ourselves know the value we hold within us. May be we don’t realize sometimes but that doesn’t mean its not present within and at the right time that value just reflects in our face on our face in our deeds πŸ™‚ Thank you William for your comment πŸ™‚

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  1. Excellent perspective Darshith. It’s the “old” glass half full or half empty scenario. When you are dealt lemons ………… make lemonade etc. etc. It all comes down to a positive outlook. Great post.

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