25 thoughts on “I dedicate myself to you..

    • Wow, I don’t think so much in exams also when I don’t know the answer πŸ˜› but yes I would believe if I have some feelings for the Gurl also πŸ˜€ If anyone else for whom I don’t feel anything comes and tells also, I will understand but reciprocating the same becomes a tad difficult there 😦 Tough thing to say and it all depends on who says these magical words:P Thank you Colin as always for your thoughts & curiosity πŸ˜‰

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      • But is “dedicating my life to you” a rational statement? I have no doubt that it could be said with the best of intentions but we have no control over life so why would you believe a promise that is made knowing full well that the speaker has no tangible control over life? You can argue that they have control over their reactions to life which would then support their promise but then, once they start reacting to life, they have no control over your resulting reactions. Life is so complicated isn’t it?

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        • Okay first I could have never thought of such a scenario so this is where experience comes handy πŸ˜› and no matter what we promise people many times but we know that most of the things are not in our sole control yet we make promises with the intentions that we will do our best to stick to it πŸ™‚ and the feeling of love is such that you care less about such things and an uncertain future when your present is so good & you wanna spend as much quality & quantity time with your love πŸ™‚ And it goes without saying that life is complex but its manageable and we gotta survive no matter what so why not by accepting faults & let’s say fake promises if it can give us some hours/days of pure happiness !!

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          • Good answer Darshith, and fluffkill said it very well – “How rationality killed romance”.
            It’s an interesting area to ponder because romance is generally predicated on a belief that all will always be well. Consider all the couples who marry with “until death do us part” or ” as long as we both shall live” or equivalent ………. and then consider the separation/divorce rate!
            We have the ability to overlook shortcomings, idiosyncrasies and statistics all in the name of romance…………… but without dreams (romance) would our lives really be fulfilling? My belief is quite simply that there are occasions when “screw rationality” is an appropriate response. Let’s celebrate romance! πŸ™‚

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            • I used to be a romantic like that, saying things like that as well. Now experience and rationality have made it so I wouldn’t say anything like that to anyone even my love because I know I wouldn’t be able to make it true. However, I would swoon my socks off if my love would say that to me and meant it.

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              • Yes fluffkill with passage of time we gain experience and it makes it a tad easy to make decisions and so its good to add experience to our kitty with each passing day πŸ˜‰ Good to know your thoughts πŸ™‚

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