Zillion little pieces..

That frown

That slap

That pinch

That belt

That stick

That kick

That shouts

That hair pulling

That beatings

That behavior

That all had less

Impact on me

Thinking that

They are my parents

They have the rights

To torture me here & there

All was bearable

Until That fucking moment

When they said

Wish you were never born

And I was

Drained of all the hope

Of all the strength

Of that little amount of happiness

As if the carpet was pulled

From under my feet

I was broken into

Zillion little pieces

All scattered everywhere

I myself didn’t know

How to fix own self

So started living in the moment

Living the next 24 hours at a time

Not think much

Rather not think at all

Started all alone then

Now have some friends

With the same past as me

But I know we all got

Bigger better roads ahead

Because we got one another’s back

No matter the hard times..

21 thoughts on “Zillion little pieces..

  1. There are times when the people you want to support you treat you cruelly. But we should not fight with the storm but should be silent and wait for it to pass. And when it is passed you prove the world that you are the best. Amazingly written!!

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  2. There are millions ways to overcome bad times… But nothing heals faster than drowning in working passionately…

    Glad to see a good work and not so glad if that’s not an imagination…

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  3. That’s one painful peice Darshith. i have sad note to share. sometimes it feels as if the heart was made to be broken. All we can do is compose those broken little pieces again for our present. Trust me, ignorance is true bliss.
    Take care πŸ™‚

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