Sober or Submission..

I am sober
You ask how long?
Almost 2 years
Let me first define
Which Sober I am referring to
I am talking about
Being with a girl
Liked & loved by her
Like & love her back
I had someone in my life
Someone special
Things were all good
But unavoidable circumstances
Blessed us with parting ways
And it took some time to get over
And I hope it is all good now
But at some point
I will have to submit myself
To someone else
And I am also sure
It will be a mutual feeling
The feeling of submission
But the main hinderance is
Can I do that?
Am I that strong enough?
If my better half
Also had some past
Then I guess we can help each other
But what if not?
Then I think I will have to
Trust her
Believe her
That I can do it
Because no doubt
She will be wanting me
I will be wanting her
Badly enough
And I guess
Being strong
Will be counted
Under anything


24 thoughts on “Sober or Submission..

  1. Lik’ed’ & Lov’ed’ by her…
    Like & Love her. . .

    Good use of tenses Darshith. .

    Really touching one. . πŸ™‚

    One line I’d like to add here:
    ” You can’t jump straight to the end, the journey is the best part “…
    Isn’t it??

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    • Yes that’s very true. That particular someone can make you so weak that you can’t do anything but submit(which is mostly a good thing). And the way you stated, One of the “stupid” things they say about love was great. Love is really stupid & only strong hearted dare to love and risk things πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for your insightful comment.

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  2. Whoever said “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” was a very perceptive individual. The expression of love between us is surely fundamental to our survival as a species and is the missing element in our worldly conflicts.Just as you cannot teach nuclear physics without having learned about it. Just as you cannot teach classical piano unless you have learned it ………. so you cannot teach love unless you have experienced it.
    In summary: You cannot teach what you have not learned! Fall in love again, and again, and again! Of course you will get hurt, but fall in love again anyway ……. and the world will be better by the experiences gained.

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