All I could do..

My Gurl asked me
To stop writing
Put an end to this nuisance
Stop dreaming that people
Care for the words I write
And all I could do
Was stare at her
Feel ashamed
To have loved her
And leave the house
For good..



13 thoughts on “All I could do..

  1. You actually left the house for the good. A person who doesn’t understand the depth of our thoughts for instance, how can we expect him/her to interpret the intensity of our dreams or for that matter the purity of the emotions expressed in their absolute manner, which by far, is the best

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    • Thank you Kriti for giving more voice nad clarity to the poem ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, dreams are important and it’s us who have to first do justice to them and then expect others to do the same. So, to do justice, bold steps needs to be taken.

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