The power of extra “S”..

“She” is always more than “He”, in the number of letters and every other aspect.

Strength, tolerance, sacrifice, care and will power are all her jewels and she wears them with dignity.

Salute to every women for the various million reasons.

Respect them, preserve them, believe in them and that’s how we believe in ourselves.


37 thoughts on “The power of extra “S”..

  1. Hi,
    This is a beautiful post about feminism. We know the same bloggers. I know Joel F and Semra.
    Thank you for visiting my site. I’m glad you liked my post asking for the reblog . Do you have any posts about writing, photography, productivity… please come back and leave a link. Nice to meet you Darshith.

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  2. Wonderful post Darshith.

    I wish, this would just be naturally engraved in our society. If that would’ve have been the case, this post would have made no sense, but in the society in which we live in,sadly, bias and discrimination rules.

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  3. This is beautiful, as I said earlier, and I believe in what you said. Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful thing a woman does, and is nothing less than a miracle, so yes, we are superior because we deserve it.
    Even great poets (including males) have meant the same in their poetries.

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  4. Your pic is rather discriminatory and (to me) rather condescending towards women. I see them not as superior (“She” is always more than “He”………….. in every other aspect), but as equal and with different strengths and weaknesses. Killing a girl may well kill a friend, wife, sister, mother and daughter, but surely the scales are balanced. Killing a man may well kill a friend, husband, brother, father and son.

    Where equal rights for women seems to be a universally accepted goal within a given populace, shouldn’t we be promoting same? Perhaps comparing the relative strengths and weaknesses would be more productive and thought provoking?

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    • I guess, that post is meant only for the poor regions of the world, where still the girl child is abandoned or even worse killed..

      In the other regions, what you hold is very much true..

      PS: Hope it’s not intruding Darshith and Colin..

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    • By killing a girl, we mean killing in the foetus stage, which is a crime. No male child is killed knowingly. But in many countries, female foetus are not given birth and that’s a shame. And based on my personal experience and what I see in my family, within my mother and sisters, they are very strong and caring and the best and I respect them. And, no offence, but deep in my heart, I just feel and know, that girls are more powerful than guys. And if that’s not true, then yeah, I would love to see them as equals at least as they deserve it.

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    • To certain extent my thoughts reflect what Colin said. I would have replied in similar context, until the image loaded in the end. Well what you said is absolutely true that killing a child before even birth based on gender is totally ‘stupid’ if not anything. Well equality is nothing that comes into term, awareness and acceptance needs to be spread into the roots of every individual, which my friend you are doing a good job.

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      • Bhanu: So killing a child based on gender (female) before birth is “stupid”, what would you call killing a male child before birth. (aka Abortion)? This may be an argument for radical change in certain countries but abortion (whoever it impacts) is pretty much worldwide and does very little to support equality of the sexes.

        Kritika: Taking advantage of your natural biological structure and ability to have children and using that to claim superiority is not going to help “the cause” for equality.


        • Well I never said ‘female’ 🙂 you just assumed.
          Killing a child is still stupid, irrespective of whatever explanations/excuses.


          • Quite correct. I assumed because of your “based on gender” qualifier. I am only aware of cultures that have such beliefs against females. Out of curiosity, what country/cultures abort simply because the fetus is male?

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            • I just used the qualifier because of the context, however I believe irrespective of what the reason, killing someone who isn’t even born is stupid.

              Well I am on a flat land. I don’t know of such statistics. But you got me there.

              I totally get what you are trying to say and every word you say, my thoughts reflect to it as well.

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