I was I

You were you

And things were okay

I met you

You met me

Things were lil different

I came to know you

You came to know me

Things started rolling

I liked you

You were confused

Things got stuck for a while

I hoped that

Things will be fine

You were mute from your side

I kept my fingers crossed

For your reply

And it came

But it was

Not what I expected

Things were all gone

Things were shattered

We could had become

The most precious diamond

Could have crystallized

Into a gem

But these doubts and confusion

And not talking

And being silent

Instead made us coal


Better to forget

And burn away

A lil effort

And we would had been the best gem ever..


28 thoughts on “Crystallized

  1. Not every love story have a beautiful ever-after to it but we can make sure that next time when love touches us ,we make diamond out of it rather than coal 🙂

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  2. Look at that four piece of coal…!! They are looking at the diamond with the feelings of sorrow.. What happen when you’re on the cusp of achieving something and you failed to do so…!!!??

    Nicely written as always Mr. Poet. . 😉

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    • Oh yes, Adi. Both coal and diamond has their uses. Broken relationships do teach us many things. Sometimes, both people feel also for one another but just for the betterment and a hint of confusion, bury their feelings and that also teaches a lot 🙂

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