Let there be light and let there be sight..

I was reading a book while traveling in bus.

The bumpy Indian roads(I added Indian because in movies, the roads outside India are super smooth and anyone can slide on those :P) made it difficult for me to read properly. Still I kept reading because the book is almost on the verge of ending.

This phase is very emotional and painful, when the book’s about to end and we feel drained thinking HOW LIFE WILL BE when this book will be complete? It sucks, I know. I know !

Then a thought popped up, it would be so dreadful to be blind. Not to be able to see. Not to be able to read. Not to be able to distinguish. All things will be black. No shapes. No sizes. No colors. No existence.

Only the others senses will have to prompt about the existence of something. I strongly believe that if we lack one sense, then the power of that sense is distributed among the remaining, which heightens the overall power of the remaining senses. You can contradict on this but this is my personal view. And, I just hope it to be true πŸ™‚

I felt so dreadful thinking about the world being black and nothing visible that I closed the book and sat and OBSERVED things. Saw the things which were always there but I failed to see previously. It was, as if, my inner eye had awakened.

But, the feeling of dread didn’t stay long because then I remembered that I have pledged in written that I will donate my eyes after my demise. Rather, to be correct, I have said this to all my family members, my close friends regarding this because, I can’t donate but they all can try to make my wish fulfilled and not think much about other related things.

I have made my Pledge @ Drushti Daan, an Eyebank in Bhubaneswar, Orissa where we can try and help others unlike us, be like us. We can give others the joy of sight, the joy of laughter, the joy of distinguishing things, the joy of life.

And, my parents and friends have supported me in this also, which is really a big thing. I heartily thank all and would like, if you don’t go and donate, but at least think, THINK once, wouldn’t you want the power of sight if you would had been unable?

It is a big decision, but this decision of yours can decrease the pain and increase the joy of others. And, the most important thing is not only you but also all the people related to you, will be blessed from the core of their hearts.

Try to gather blessings and smiles to your names, rather than some coins and notes made of thin paper. The former will always outweigh the later.

Stay blessed and keep sharing you views.

To view the site of Drushti Daan, click here.

47 thoughts on “Let there be light and let there be sight..

  1. That is extremely noble of you to do this!! And I wish you all the best in your such a kind endeavour……you are doing a very good job and will light up someone’s life this way……god’ll definitely be happy with you Darshith!!

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  2. This was an eye-opener. We don’t ignore little things in life and realize their worth after we’ve lost them. Donating your eyes after your life is such a humble effort on your part to help others feel the joy and happiness. You are one kind soul, Darshith.


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  3. So final the struggle is over and you a butterfly ?
    Good to see you fly

    By the in my geeky way just make sure how you flap your wings ! You know the butterfly effect. Never know what has world in hold for you and what you gotta give to the world.

    May the courage always win!
    To Dar’shit’ πŸ˜€

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  4. Inspiration post.
    Loved the viewpoint of seeing the beauty in our surrounding s which we take for granted. Eyes are indeed a big blessing which we Dont really realize.
    PS: The comments on Indian roads was hilarious and partially true( the Indian in me can’t bear to ignore the cream smooth roads). But yes, One can’t read peacefully on journeys :p

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  5. As an Ophthalmologist let me tell you, being blind isn’t seeing black, it’s seeing “NOTHING”. You can’t understand it, you can’t explain it. Talk to people who have gotten their vision back, they’ll tell you the same thing. It’s indescribable, and unimaginable.
    And one more thing about signing and pledging your eyes away, once you’re gone, any relative can stand up and refuse to let the eyes be donated and the cornea team comes back empty-handed. I know it, it’s happened to me. It’s a noble gesture, but anyone wanting to do it, please make sure your family is on board with your decision. In your case, probably your kids and so on.
    One last nugget, with modern technology if you donate two eyes, you can potentially help six people regain their vision. Think about that!

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    • Firstly, thank you for the plethora of information you provided here πŸ™‚ And, it’s good to know your profession also. I have talked to my family & friends and all are ON-BOARD, thankfully πŸ™‚ But, how can donating 2 eyes help 6 people regain vision? I thought it was 1:1 ratio. My parents also weren’t willing but I have made my point clear to them and they also agreed in the end. And, hopefully I can stay true to my words and pledge. Great things you informed here Himanshu πŸ™‚ I am sure no one can exactly describe the feeling of Nothing 😦

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      • We can now divide the cornea into two layers and use them for separate patients with different causes of blindness. Think of a cake in two layers. We use the upper layer for patients who are blind due a problem with their outer corneas, ditto for the lower layer. And we use the tissue around the edge of the cornea for people who are blinded in acid attacks and so on. That’s three people per eye. It’s honestly the most good you can do. And I repeat, it’s not you who has to stay true to the pledge, it’s your progeny, or relatives. Even if someone’s eyes are unusable for some reason or the other and can’t provide vision, we can use them to provide relief to patients suffering from ulcers in the eye and other conditions. At the very least we use them for research and that might help many more people in the future.

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