33 thoughts on “Love & Hate..

  1. Hate is such a horrible word because of its finality. It is the opposite end of the feeling spectrum and, from my perspective, displays a troubled and immature mind. Maturity would dictate a desire to understand that which we find distasteful. Of course we can dislike, but to hate? We can never condone numerous dictators, murderers, mass killings, etc. etc. but, if we try to understand them, there is a possibility that the future can be changed. Hating serves no productive purpose whatsoever. It can even cause thoughts of revenge which is equally non-productive in any positive sense. Just some thoughts! πŸ™‚

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    • Wow, I myself believe in using a negation before a word to deny rather than using its antonym. Not love doesn’t mean hate. Not good doesn’t mean bad. I so agree to your thoughts and I am glad that there are wonderful people like yourself who feel that people are just different to understand and not difficult to understand πŸ™‚ Thanks Colin for your great thoughts πŸ™‚

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    • So much agreed. ‘Hate’ is a really strong negative emotion. The time we learn the difference between dislike and hate and turn our inclination towards the former, we are truly matured individuals πŸ™‚

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