Are we THAT important?

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“The world is small enough to know that we are important, but it is also big enough to know that we are not THAT important.” – Darshith Badiyani πŸ™‚

What are your take on this?

Thanks to Mon for nominating me for Quotes challenge.

45 thoughts on “Are we THAT important?

  1. What ever we have taken from society we need to give it back .

    We may be drop but each drop put together make the ocean.

    If we are born in world.

    Each one us equally important and contributing in our own capacity in his grand scheme.

    We have not came in this world by our own Choice.

    Neither we made decision who will be parents relatives and so on

    Nor we no which one will be our last day.

    Let the supreme energy guide us .

    If we are here as per his consent we are important.

    And i reiterate equally important

    Neither less to any one nor more to any other human being.

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    • Wow! This really makes sense. I finally realize by the thoughts shared by others & also while writing today’s post FREQUENCY OF INSPIRATION, that we are important. As you said, in the grand scheme, we matter. Imagine a big motor system. 1 screw dislodges from its place and that big motor bites the dust in no time. Or just a house of cards. We all matter. I love the way you involved God in your explanation πŸ™‚ Thanks Neeraj for your time & valuable thoughts πŸ™‚ Glad you found something useful here.

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  2. My take on this I say we are important to those who love us, to those we have touched one way or the other, it is also important to think that we are important not in a negative way – just building confidence, happiness, life, love, hope, gratefulness, trust and respect. It is also important that we think we are not important and see others as important than us to be humble, sharing, selfless, giving, loving. These thinking for me are both important for a well balanced view of life and being. πŸ™‚

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      • Yes we are…if we think we are important only but not think we are not important it may result to unbalanced view. That is why I think people sometimes look down to those who they think are lesser than they are as they see they are geniuses, rich, very talented, very beautiful as if the world is at their mercy and they forgot that they really are insignificant, just a grain in the sand/desert when compared to the universe/cosmos at large, we will really leave everything behind when we die and people will soon forget about us unless we live a legacy of kindness and love. It is hard to have this balance for we are imperfect but it is important for us to think if this way for a happier, healthier life. It is just my opinion πŸ™‚

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  3. Reminds me how a smile spreads from one person to another. Just following the “ripple effect” and the “Butterfly effect”.
    I read the discussion. WOW.
    I had to read it 2xs.
    i was happy without the discussion. My husband would love it.
    Thank you for following me. Hugs

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    • Yeah, by discussing only we learn and get to know things from fellow people πŸ™‚ These kind of knowledgeable controversial topics are good πŸ˜› Thanks for your thoughts and I am glad that it is going good πŸ™‚ Hugs to you my friend.

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  4. I may be a speck and unimportant to the world at large. But in “my” world I’m vital. I’m a dad, husband, caregiver, son, lover, teacher, comedian, hugger, learner, reader, encourager. To those in my “bubble” I’m needed, loved, and cherished. The rest of the world can piss off. My “world” is all I truly care about.

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    • That’s an answer I was expecting from the first reader & I am glad that I got it πŸ™‚ we are all the same. We claim the things are ours. In fact we don’t make it ours, the thing makes us its own. We down own a phone, the phone owns us as we have to charge it regularly and pay its bills. Same is the case with a car. The maintainance of everything is the real deal. So with the relationships. But at some point, this maintainable well runs dry & we leave it for good. What then? I wanted to know, why do we always have to make it so important that it matters to US and then prove it? Why not leave it and move on? I hope I am making sense.

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      • Well, I know within my bubble, it’s my wife and kids. I almost did lose my wife, and it made me appreciate her even more and vow never to lose her again. With my kids? They’ll leave on their own and create their own little “bubbles” with their own family. That thought kills my heart but I know it’s inevitable. The bubble with my wife? We choose to be with each other, I can’t control her. I just try to insure I do the things that I need to in order to let her choose to stay with me. We tell each other that “I’m yours, you are mine”. But in reality, we don’t own one another. In fact, trying to “own” someone only seems to push them further away, like putting two magnets together. They repel one another. Am I making any sense? πŸ˜ƒ

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        • Yes, you surely made sense to me πŸ™‚ So, ultimately we are important and again not so important πŸ˜€ Humans are selfish at least. We do each and everything for our own happiness. When we help others also, we do it because that makes us happy or satisfied. So, as we are selfish, we should be more not-important than important πŸ˜€

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    • That is a very narrow view of the world.

      My world is not only a large rounded rock circling around the sun, but also a collective conscience of the billions of billions of lives living on it. My world is smaller than it seemed not too many years ago because of human creativity (the internet). My world has pollution issues created by human greed, pride and selfishness. My world has supported the lives of tyrants as well as Saints. Our significance in my world can be as profound as our ability and drive can allow.

      If your world is simply an object revolving around the sun, then please come and join me and my friends on my world. It is so much more fun!

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        • Yeah, I totally agree with you Uday. We are important to ourselves, to our families, to friends. That’s it. That’s where we draw the line. Not important to anyone else. In the grand scheme, we don’t matter much. The greater good concept applies. We can be sacrificed or eradicated and it won’t matter much.

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      • Irrelevant? Only if we chose to make it so! Our world may be pretty big; Our galaxy may be extremely large; Our universe may be humungous …………. but tell that to an ant who is helping to build a home for all his fellow ants. Tell that to a single beaver as he slowly bites his way through a very large tree trunk. Tell that to a butterfly whose lifespan is very short, and yet whose time is necessary for the continuation of the species. Tell that to the weed that will eventually crack and break through a concrete pad as it reaches for the sun!

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        • Every little thing has its importance in the shaping this big, humungous world we live in. It would had been good if this had been shown to us in some way and not be understood ourselves or anything like that. Earth was there. We arrived. Someday we will depart like the dinosaurs and still Earth will live. So does whatever we do inbetween matter much? We are exhausting the gifted time span given to live and are wasting it further by living a robotic life.

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          • Of course it matters. What we do today not only can influence others, but can “set the stage” for following generations. If we take a “screw the future” approach, then not only are we being irresponsibly selfish, but we might as well jump of the cliff now because, after all, our lives are irrelevant!

            If you are living a robotic life, and assuming that you do not have a robotic brain, then I would suggest some “down time” to figure out your purpose. πŸ™‚

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            • I agree with the robotic part of the answer. About “screw the future” thing also, I agree. But I want to know that what exactly we are doing by being alive & how it will help? How do 70 years of life is compared to billions of years of existence of this universe?


                • No. If you want to seriously probe the depths of this topic, you have to stop skating around it.

                  “I also don’t know. Just asking that how does our being alive helps this world be a better place? How our existence matter in this big world? I think these are okay for starters ”

                  You need to understand the question you are asking otherwise you will not recognize the answer when you get it. You need to ask yourself “What does world mean to me?” If your answer is a rock giving free trips around the sun, then our lives are pointless to the world. If however, your world includes people, then your question of “do we matter” is extremely naive and disappointing ….. unless of course you put no value on your fellow human beings; future generations etc.

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                • Yeah, it’s always better to go in depth of any situation to get to the root cause of doubts or find answers. I may be thinking naive but I am happy that I am thinking something at least πŸ˜€ May be, after some thoughts I will think wise/straight. We matter no doubt, but what use is our importance when we don’t know why we are doing something? We ourselves don’t know the depth reason behind having a daily schedule and going to work and providing for our family. But, why do we do it? It all doesn’t make sense. We give ourselves the reason of care and providing for our family when we take some wrong line of work. We have reasons for everything but why do we do everything or anything is not clear. Reasons are there, fine! But, why to have reasons and on top of it, give reasons. I am blabbering whatever its coming to mind. May be the stage of illness has still not left my brain πŸ˜€

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                • “What use is our importance when we don’t know why we are doing something?”

                  Your importance is the potential that you have inside and which, it is hoped, will be realised one day. From the prospective of inventing, social change etc. etc., a child is not directly important but, indirectly, they are extremely important simply because they will grow and develop their potential.

                  I would respectfully suggest that at your age, you are still learning the ways of our world and are therefore uncertain where your strength is relative to our world. Your current importance is your ability to ask questions and analyse answers. Be patient my friend. πŸ™‚

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                • I get what you are pointing at Colin and I really appreciate how you have come forward with your answers every time someone or the other have expressed their views πŸ™‚ Yeah, time is a master and we can wait for it to reveal things slowly and steadily. I am thankful for you being patient enough πŸ™‚ We all are important indeed!

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              • How does 70 years of life compare to billions of years of existence. That is a simple mathematical calculation! πŸ™‚ Simply express 70 as a percentage of billions (which must of course be mathematically defined). It is not complicated.

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