Brand new ending..

Everybody wants everything
Everybody needs love
Everybody seeks peace
Everybody craves power
Everybody longs for that special one
Everybody desires happiness
Everybody avoids pain
Everybody loves smiles
Everybody deserves care
Everybody looks for beauty
Everybody wants to write their own story
But as each story has many characters
And each one of those
Impacts on the script
Similarly, each one of our known
And sometimes unknown people has a role
And shapes the events of it
And hence the ending we think for
OUR STORY doesn’t always take place
Something different
Something Beautiful
Sometimes worst
Also happens
And we have to accept it
Let the ending be written as it happened
We can imagine and write it as a
Brand New ending
Just as we thought it would be
But man, not always it happens
Ad hence let others also
Be a part of OUR STORY
And write their part
In their own hand
And I assure you
They will try to make
YOUR STORY more beautiful
By making their character the Protagonist
And hence the plot becomes
Powerful and twistful
With many MANY
Good characters
And hence the ending
Is more PERFECT than your
Brand New ending..


P.S. : I have been listening to LOST STARS since today morning(in loop) and got Brand New Ending from there πŸ˜‰

67 thoughts on “Brand new ending..

    • Appreciation from you really means a lot & such powerful words make me delighted πŸ™‚ Inspiration is a rare yet common thing. We can get inspired from a flower, a bird, a leave, an ant. Trying to stick to positivities of life is important πŸ˜‰

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  1. Darshith _ I think that you are perhaps reading too much, and not thinking enough. Most of those lines that start “Everybody ……………………” are blatantly wrong and (more importantly) can drastically mislead an impressionable mind. Whereas many people no doubt fit those statements, “everybody” does not. I believe that a poet/writer has a responsibility not to mislead unless it is clearly stated to be a piece of fantasy or product of a delusional mind. πŸ™‚

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    • I think you’re correct. Everybody do not fit into that. Many may deny that or not accept it or due to some reason don’t want to let their inner thoughts open but most would fall in that category but not everybody. I can write ALMOST everybody. More thinking from next time πŸ˜€ Thanks Colin for your guidance πŸ˜‰

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