Frequency of inspiration..

Read about an atomic nucleus?
It has protons
And electrons and neutrons
I don’t know about
Any recent discovery made
So each nucleus is the replica
Of our big, humongous universe
You agree?
Great! Thank you!
Similarly, we ourselves
are replicas of God
Or the super power
We believe in
Because we got
IMMENSE power within ourselves
Wanna know how?
Think about your heart ache
Think about the demise of your close one
Think about the injury you suffered
Think about the frustration
Think about the anger
Think about the irritation
And also the solitude
And still you are here
You are alive
You faced it
Did anyone help you?
Yes, of course
Friends, families
Books, smiles
Strangers even
But don’t forget
You helped yourself
You inspired yourself
This feeling came from within
From that heart
From that soul
Which is like a nucleus
A very small part
Of this big, humongous world
But still a replica
And irrespective of the size
All are tuned to the same frequency
Frequency of inspiration
We don’t know who is being inspired
By seeing the smile on our faces
By seeing how we are facing dire situations
Still we are leaving impact
These impacts
Gives rise to inspiration
But you need to have it from within
To see it
To feel it
To match the frequency
To replicate it
To spread it
To evolve yourself
And also the others
Difficult? I know
Impossible? C’mon!
I never thought, I would be writing something
And people would be reading my work
But here we are
I never thought, 400 people would be following me
But here we are
I never thought, I would be Who I am
But here we are
So, accept who you are
And inspire others
And automatically, you will be inspired
You will be evolved
You will be You
Who you ALWAYS wanted to be
Also satisfied by what you become 🙂


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

P.S. : My source of inspiration for blogging is my cousin Chinks. And, many of the other people(outside of WP & here also) 🙂 I have decided I will share 1 song in each post this month and also share the link for you to tune to. Today I am listening to Chandelier. Super awesome song & loads of covers. Happy weekend and take care 😀

75 thoughts on “Frequency of inspiration..

  1. Guess what Sia is cool. I was listening to it today in a serious of my pump up songs 🙂 No kidding. Really !
    I go through all the covers from
    Let It Go
    All Of Me
    And I do listen to
    See You Again
    One More Night
    Maroon, Pink, WizKhalif,

    Those are like wohu cool

    Liked by 1 person

      • In the middle of something.
        I left the steering in your hands for posts and you are doing an awesome job. I wouldn’t post any different and not at least so good as you. I am on a detour to improvisation, blogging is just a part. Right now I don’t envisage into my chain of thoughts, to perplex myself. Being calm is the need of hour. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Woah! I can’t say it is too much information but surely some strong & dedicated information. We all have different thinking process & hence you are superior or the master of your wonderful thoughts. Being calm is also a necessity & I am glad that you are taking proper steps to achieve it 🙂 hope you achieve it soon enough & enlighten us with a post of how you achieved it, for us to follow 😀


  2. A very lovely perception. Like Rhonda Byrne said in ‘The Secret’ that only we have possess the sole power to change our lives 😊

    CHANDELIER 😂 Another one of my favorite songs 😂 I love Sia’s elastic heart too!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. From am I even making a dent in the universe over the eons to I’m a miniscule replica of the universe!!

    Way to go!!

    Do let us know, if there is any other reason than self realisation for taking this huge leap in your perspective..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If I am not mistaken, this is by far one of your best posts! And it’s bubbling with so much of positivity that even if someone manages to keep a little froth for themselves, it’ll last them well for quite a number of days! Love it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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