Songs & feels..


Many songs would make you cry

Are the lyrics that make you feel weak?

Or the emotions attached to that person

Or just the day is long & irritation is creeping in..

If you want, you can share the songs which are close to you & can make you feel weak & cry.

P.S. : This is one of the song which make me cry sometimes. It’s one of my favorite song. Name’s Hey there Delilah of Plain White T’s.

84 thoughts on “Songs & feels..

  1. We love songs which we are able to relate to, then only we can feel the lyrics and music. For me all songs related to either loss of life or love holds a special place. But my heart will go on of titanic always remains on top.

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  2. Hello Darshith, I love your emotional attachment to music. Sometimes I feel like my life is actually a playlist of different music according to how I feel too. One of the songs that makes me cry is “Look After You” by The Fray. It’s amazing. I also love “Hey There Delilah” it’s on my iTunes list too. Let the music move you whichever way that is, and good for you to let the emotions just be. You will feel better after πŸ˜‰

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  3. Hey there Delilah …uhh I just skip the song every time it comes on my iPod because it is so damn good!!! and I also hate to love this song…..Yellow by Coldplay…and what Neerja mentioned…”Maa”…
    You know when my mood is low…i prefer sticking to peppy happy songs..because who likes another sob fest..!

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  4. Hmm generally its emotions attached with song πŸ™‚ I still cry listening song “Maa ” from taare zammen par” . It makes me think of my mom always πŸ™‚ But sometimes bad moods and bad songs go long way πŸ˜›

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