Guilt should be replaced by …

We were so close
Living just streets away
Still I didn’t know her
We went to same guitar classes
Still I didn’t know her
Just timings were a bit different
We had 13 mutual friends in Facebook
Still I didn’t know her
How come I didn’t know her?
She’s so perfect
Once I knew her
I cursed and regretted all these years
I could have met her before
And got to know her better
And spent awesome time with her
Made her smile more often
I just wish all the things
I could have done with her
I could have done for her
I could have done to her
And what did I do?
Curse God
Curse Humanity
Curse everything and anything
Wanting to say and show her
How much I love her
I should had given her more flowers
When she was with me
Battling with cancer
Than the daily bouquet on her coffin
Why do I had to learn that
Gratitude should be shown more often than Guilt
In such a harsh, inhumane way


P.S. :Β Welcome the weekend with a bit of Love. Today’s tune is Nothing of The Script(again one of my favorite).

45 thoughts on “Guilt should be replaced by …

  1. This is such a beautiful, emotional blog you wrote Darshith, it’s very relatable. πŸ™‚ Life makes us learn things the hard way sometimes because we’re not paying attention. When we’re grateful, we’re in the moment and it changes one’s perspective to feeling happy. πŸ™‚ Very nice work.

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  2. Loved it as usual
    I could relate to it…except the fact that she is alive (thank god) but I keep one rose on the coffin of our relationship.
    Take care..

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