A simple “Hi” leading to unsaid goodbyes..


*no response*

“I am uninvited. I think you should know my arrival.”

*no response*

“Ignoring me may lead to your downfall”

*no response*

“May be you don’t think, I can visit you. You’re SO wrong!”

*no response*

“Now, get ready to suffer for neglecting me and see my fury”

*goes to doctor and does check-up*

“You may be listening to my voice for the first time because this is the first time you are paying attention and listening attentively but I was screaming and trying to let you know to get rid of me when I was innocent and a kid. Now, I have matured and I don’t intend to leave you, no matter what you do.”

*gets all nervous when the tests of check up comes as – Cancer positive*

“You will live. But for as long as I want. I am not ready to leave you because you have been a good host to me. Good because you neglected your symptoms and skipped your check ups and I was left to grow and grow I did”

*prayers and chemotherapy*

“You think you can make me weak? Good choice but you are also draining your bank account in the hope of living for some extra days but all in vain. I have knitted such a vicious web of my power that nothing can heal you. Now feel guilty for letting me grow and not killing me when in bud.”

*dies and family weeps and curse cancer*

“Curse me but I will find another reckless host and grow again. For now, feel glad that I have left. See you careless creatures soon enough”

I have written this as a tribute to how Cancer is increasing in our lives, not just the disease but also the ill feeling for someone or something. Any bad/unwanted thing which grows within us is cancer and we have to make sure that we kill it in the bud stage and not feed it, till it kills us. Ego, anger to name some. There is love.There are smiles. Spread them and feed them and life will we sweet.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

P.S. : Happy Sunday and do tune to La Vie en rose of Louis Armstrong ❤

105 thoughts on “A simple “Hi” leading to unsaid goodbyes..

  1. You know, I am actually a girl who always have lots to say. Well okay, post or comment or sometimes endless banter. But you make me fail words. I mean, you must be really a magician of words. Nope i am not sending you some flattering lines, but seriously, This was amazing. Have you published any books? Because if yes, i would love to read it. If no, I dont know what you are waiting for, You have everything to be the best selling author.

    Nams! 🙂

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    • Hey Nams, thank you for your words and then spending so much time on this comment 🙂 I am floored by your appreciation and not the flattering lines 🙂 I haven’t written any book yet but you never know when I feel like it and I make it a reality 😀 Can’t be any happy after reading your comment. Happy weekend and stay blessed 🙂

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  2. Darshith…to post a comment on your blog I have to literally struggled with my mouse 😀 So many comments 😉 I must say this was something very creative and amazing from you 🙂 In the starting I thought it was some poetry and your talking about a person until I saw the word “Cancer” … applaud for this one 🙂 🙂

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  3. Oh I love how you told this around from the other perspective. I would never have thought of that at all! And I totally agree with your final remarks. Anything that’s unwanted in our life is like Cancer. Best to cut it off at its bud.
    And, thanks for the song too. I love this kind of music. Have you heard of Mama Cass?

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  4. Outstanding post comparing cancer to all types of negativity Darshith. Love is the antidote to harsh negativity and hopefully there will be an antidote to cancer one day soon. ❤ The song you chose is absolutely beautiful and the French version is by Edith Piaf if you want to have a listen to that one day. You did a great job ending this post on a positive note because after all, Life In Pink (#LaVieEnRose) is beautiful ❤ 🙂

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    • Thank you Hasmeet for your cheerful comments always 🙂 Without appreciation, all these posts wouldn’t had been surfaced via words and would had died just like the ill feelings kills our sane side and makes us insane. So, all due appreciation to all ❤ Hope you had a great day 😀 You're a constant support 🙂

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      • I am literally amazed that hoe creative you are. I mean if I would have had this thought. I would’ve written an article about it. But you’ve come up with something that is interesting and grips the mind. I wish you all the success in life. Because you truly deserve it 👏

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        • It just comes somehow and my sister also helps me while discussing things with her 😉 She is a constant inspiration for me 🙂 You’re also super talented and we all have been assigned some role to play in this world and have to find that goal and do it 😉 Trying my best to do that .:D Hope you’re having good limited days @ home 😛

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  5. I like how you compared negative thoughts to cancer. Left untreated they eat away at our lives until we’re nothing. I am a cancer survivor, fortunately caught in the early stages. I’m also a struggling survivor beating negativity and self-hate that I’ve had building up and nurtured all my life. It’s a slow progress but it’s happening, my life is changing and it feels good.

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    • Hey April 🙂 Thank you reading it and feeling connected and letting us know about yourself. It’s so good to know that you caught cancer early and treated it safely. Yes, the recovery will be slow but steady is what matters 🙂 Good luck and we are all there for you to help you and support you beat all the negativities of life 🙂 Keep smiling beautiful ❤

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