Love is God

I haven’t seen God

I feel his presence though

In my beating heart

In the flowing wind

In the shining sun

In the busy crowd

In the smiles of a kid

And the proud parents

In the passing time

In all of us

A divine feeling

And everything else

Love also gives

Me the same feeling

Without anything

I feel it

Everywhere near

And within me

May be God and love are

Synonyms after all

And as we couldn’t See God

So we visualize God in our love

And surrender ourselves

To love

And be a part of divinity..


I knowingly gave the title “Love is God” and in the image added “God is Love” because I sincerely believe that both are synonyms. Some may believe in idol worship and other stuff. I believe in a super power that guides us all. I have named it “Sir” and he guides me always ❤ Do you interact with this super power? Any particular sentence or phrase is common between you both? 😉 Comment whatever you think about Love or God or anything and we can discuss 🙂 This week is almost half done 😛 Hope the remaining half also flies 😉

P.S. : Today’s song is Drowning of Backstreet Boys. This band has really helped me through my happy/bad times and I love them to the core ❤ This IS my FAVORITE BAND, hands sown 😉 Which is yours?

70 thoughts on “Love is God

  1. I’m an atheist but whatever. Love is divine. So love is indeed God. 🙂
    And Backstreet Boys was the first English artist I listened to. My most favourite band has got to be The Fray. Or OneRepublic. I can’t decide.

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  2. Darshith, just as you expressed in your blog, God is everywhere and so is love. ❤ When people act unloving, they have forgotten who they are. Getting out in nature is a great reminder that there is a stronger force guiding us all. When we return to God we return to Love and we return to ourselves. The song you chose is once again brilliant ❤ You have great taste in music 🙂

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