Unequivocal love

I feel something different
I say something different
I realize in the end
That what I felt and said
Was actually a 3rd different
And this is how life became chaotic
Friends bid adieu
Without any words
Telling that I don’t contact them
I think then why didn’t you
Contact me and they left
Due to too fast NO
And too late YES
And this is how life became chaotic
Just today I read
No strong person
Has an easy past
And pasts are all gone away
So why to care about them now
Let’s make some better pasts
For when tomorrow I look back around
I will be sure that the present
Was my best ever moment
And this is how I tried to face the chaos
Facing the problems is inevitable
Forgetting it and trying to find a way
To solve it is what needs some thinking
And some guts and some will power
And some support and you’re through
Life is bad(ask anyone)
We all suffer pain and hatred
And anger but not all feel love
Once we all feel love
And expect love from genuine people
Not all can emit the love vibes
And once you feel love
Don’t keep it in your heart’s pocket
Spread it and let others feel too
There is scarcity of love because
People think love can be owned
And keep it forever hidden
But remember everything we think of hiding
Is bad because we know that it’s illegal
So spread it and make it free and legal
And let it come in double amount to you
I don’t know why I wrote this
Started to express something
And expressed something different
And this is how love is
Expressed differently by all..


P.S.: Today’s choice is As long as you love me of Backstreet boys and love is all they sing about πŸ™‚


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