Keep holding on

I am at the cliff
On the verge of
Taking the fall
This rush of feeling
Do not feel new to me
I have fallen before
Fallen from the same place
Fallen for the same reason
Reason being love
Love for you
I’d fall for you
Any number of times
For you, yes!
But this time it’s different
I can’t fall
Even though
I badly want to
Because you’re
Holding my shirt
From the back
Pulling me towards you
And I want to fall
Fall again
Fall freely
Want to feel love
But I can’t
Not because
I will meet the same fate
Fate of disappointment
Fate with NO written all over
This time around
You’re stopping me
Because if I fall
You’ll fall too
The scenario may seem
That I am about to fall
With you holding me
But the inner feelings
Screams opposite
You are falling this time
And I am holding you from back
As I don’t want you to
Regret the fact
That falling is easy
But thinking about the other
And doing the right thing matters
And with you
With my special Gurl
I would always love
To do the right thing
Rather than fall
And make things hard
So keep holding on babe..


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P.S.: This song was reminded to me by my younger sister. So this weekend’s pick is Stereo hearts of Gym Class Hereos ft. Adam Levine πŸ™‚ and I am a bad friend as I failed to advert my dear friend’s debut novel. Guys, a good friend of mine Srinath has written his first novel titled “Hope we never meet again”. I have read this already and it’s great πŸ™‚ Do grab a copy of the book online and appreciate the hard work for the man πŸ˜‰

Links to buy the book online are kindle, Google play store,, scribd, and kobo πŸ™‚


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