Fist fight

As a youth, you have to be a part of a fist fight to show your manliness. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in any. Oh no! I remember now, I was also in a fist fight and it was started by him.

I didn’t want to ever add “BEEN IN A FIST FIGHT” to my life’s resume but we seldom get what we want. The worst part of being in a fist fight is either your face or your hands(sometimes both) are bruised. With me, it was none.

So the good news is, I smacked him. My right hand landed on his left chin, which burst open his lip and he was stunned. He didn’t expect this and so did I. Both were surprised, he fumbled and fell on the sofa and looked at me with anger in his eyes. I was holding his right hand with my left one. We made eye contact and the amount of hatred he had for me was waiting to be erupted as a volcano.

Nothing was audible to me. I was angry and it was only shown in my reflex punch & raging eyes. Other than that, I was calm. Then all of a sudden, voices started getting audible and started getting louder with rising decibel. Some cries, some begging. All vague.

I looked around and saw my mother pulling my shirt and begging me to stop. I couldn’t make sense of it all. I was hypnotised by emotions. Β Then the anger in my eyes descended and the anger in my father’s eyes too. He came to the realization that hitting his spouse do not make him any STRONGER and hence the reflex punch and that is how it feels to be beaten and that too by his own blood. I am sure he must have wished IF HIS SPERM DIDN’T FUSE MY MOM’S OVARY THAT NIGHT. But, the damage’s done & we all have to face the things we are entitled to. His time of realization had just started and he was within his boundaries since that fight.

Now, as a son, I don’t want this fight to be in my resume or to be proud of. But that’s life. We get what we are entitled to and not what we imagine.


P.S.: Today’s pick is Army of Ellie Goulding πŸ™‚

41 thoughts on “Fist fight

  1. Hey badiyani !! In dis world , d satin is presented everywhere n forces to one for wrong ,it is nessasery to avoid n ignore dt by our spritual power in our heart given by god.

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  2. It was so so good on your part to stand up for your mom. Especially when in our country ,there are so many males who don’t respect women. It’s possible that some other person who would have been in your place would have seen his father beat up his mother and done the same thing to his wife in the future. But you stood up for this nonsense.Really happy with your behaviour. *RESPECT*

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    • Thank you. Doing anything physical is not the solution to anything. If you want to change someone’s thoughts then talk to them. Beating them may stop them from doing that particular thing but it won’t ever make them think what you think. Baat karna is a skill and not many people have that and hecne they try to show dominance by physical strength or verbal abuse.

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  3. Bhai,This is so touching. I can feel the pain here. Anger blinds us and always makes us do what we feel right at that moment. But I do believe that there is always a reason for anger. Bhai I am with you on this. Have a great day. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you SD πŸ™‚ It was something I wanted to express and I did and rest was on others to feel and accept or discard, which didn’t matter to me anyway. But I am happy that people have accepted that this is the reality in some situations and we all learn how to be mature from it.


  4. You are a hero Darshith and you can add that to your resume of life. You may have been smaller in size but in the end you are much bigger person for stepping in. Your mom must be proud of you. Very well written and lovely dedication to your mom. πŸ™‚ Great song too by Ellie πŸ˜‰

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