AtoZ challenge Day02 (B for B#@$%)(It’s not balls/bitch)

Hello friends! How are you?

Welcome to the 2nd day post(I am late and it is the 3rd day almost) of A to Z challenge. Today we’ll talk on the alphabet ‘B’.

I know you all are excited. I am super excited 😉

“Smiles here & smiles there” has gone 1 level up from today. I have made a YouTube channel in which I will share inspirational thoughts & other random yet relevant thoughts & also some of my personal experiences. You can subscribe to the channel @ Darshith Badiyani.

Again I had the privilege to jot down many words like Beautiful, Boring, Basic but I didn’t choose any of those. You can check out the video to see the ‘B’ word on which we discuss.

With this new channel, I hope to spread smiles here & smiles there & smiles everywhere😀

P.S.: Be a darling & like/share/comment/subscribe to my new YouTube channel to be regularly updated by videos. It’s the new version of Smiles here & smiles there. Today’s song pick is Between the bars of Elliot Smith. My inspirational people from WP with ‘B’ are Bhanu, Bincy, & Bhavya. All are strong individuals & the feeling of admiration is mutual.

43 thoughts on “AtoZ challenge Day02 (B for B#@$%)(It’s not balls/bitch)

  1. Amazing video once again Darshith! I agree 100% with what you said, that first step is the most difficult step and that step is what drives us in our direction.
    I commented on your video by my new channel (Dozy), and subscribed to you, keep making great videos like this!

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  2. Wow Bhai.. Superb video Bhai..
    Tumhari awaaz bhaa gayi mujhe.. 😀

    I know ke kitna dhodhaaya Hai tujhe is video post karne ke liye… It’s worth it Bhai..

    Mast Hai Bhai.. B for begin.. Sahi Hai Bhai. I liked that 80% road known to us and 20% road unknown to us.. I can relate to it.

    Beginnings are always important because they decide the path and keeps a road for what is to come. Faith is necessary when we begin something new while following our passion.

    Aur Bhai WI jeet raha Hai.. 😉

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  3. Begin, it’s a leap of faith for me. You have rightly spoken about it! It’s the first step that matters to start or learn. Rest is the passion that helps to continue. And taking that first step, first decision and first move is one of the most important and difficult at times. I Love it dude ! I loved your videos. Three cheers for our Janeman! !!! Love you loads. Keep it up 😉

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  4. Yes!!! 😀 BEGIN, start where you are. Darshith, you said some really great inspirational things in your video about believing in yourself and how one small shift can change everything which is very true. We need to begin something new in order to learn and if we fail then we try again. If we don’t begin making changes, that’s what keeps us stuck. You are such a great speaker, very confident and calm 🙂 Awesome post for day 2, letter B!

    This song is very beautiful it’s the first time I heard it and I also loved the guitar and lyrics 🙂

    Bhavya ❤

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