AtoZ challenge Day04 (D for D^&%$#*@)

Hello, beautiful souls! Having a great day?

We can always talk positive things endlessly but we have to accept that there is negativity out there. Our goodness has to fight it. Either of them has to be dominant. It is our choice of which will be ruling.

“Smiles here & smiles there” has gone 1 level up from 1st April. I have made a YouTube channel in which I will share inspirational thoughts & other random yet relevant thoughts & also some of my personal experiences. You can subscribe to the channel @ Darshith Badiyani.

In today’s video, we talk on the negativity out there. Too much of positivity is not good for health 😉

Check out the video & you can share your views about it in the comment section.

With this new channel, I hope to spread smiles here & smiles there & smiles THERE too 😀

P.S.: Today’s song pick is Demons of Imagine Dragons. People who inspire me are Dileep Sankhla & Deepika. Both are young, thoughtful, & have it within them to make it big.

16 thoughts on “AtoZ challenge Day04 (D for D^&%$#*@)

  1. Hey, ‘D’arshith 😀 That was an impressive twist of events in the video blogging 🙂 Liked how you turned the tables around to the opposite of what you did the last three days. Where there is good, there is evil too. Like how, if you believe in angels, you should agree ghosts exist as well (thought NOT comforting 😀 😛 ) And since you’re a Harry Potter fan, the quote Professor Dumbledore says in Prisoner of Azkaban goes so well with what you conveyed wonderfully. ‘Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times. If only one remembers, to turn on the light’ 🙂 And thank you so much for honouring me in your post today, that was a surprise 😀

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  2. Thanks bhai. . Very beautifully conveyed your thoughts on darkness. We have to control our anger and direct its energy in generating a positive outcome. And mentioning of Mahatma Gandhi ji is awesome. He was a true controller of anger. I can see light through darkness by this post.
    Keep Vlogging. Good work.

    Good night bhai. . 🙂

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  3. Hey friend! I’m flattered and on the same side I always prayed you as my inspiration to enter and then engage within the universe of blogging.
    So it’s your Vlog on ‘D’ and it made me restless for hours in order to comprehend your Vlog. Okay believe me or not, I have googled for ten-to-fifteen keywords related to your vlog and browsed about 5-6 videos on youtube. I have received about millions of bytes of data on my local system and these bytes of information after going through the process of “canalization” within my mind made me to realize that you are Great! Great! and Great! Darshith. You have helped me in order to solve my problem.

    In my childhood, I used to be a naughty boy and breaking the stuffs was my hobby 🙂 So every evening, my father used to take my class and he used to scold me for hours. Sometimes he used to go restless and began to pull my hands and cheeks. At that moment, my mom used to enter into hall from kitchen with her as usual words, “Don’t be angry”.
    And at her words, he began to beat me.

    So it was actually my mom who was responsible for his anger to the peak. To be precise, anger is a negative word and a human mind tends to pictorially imagine the words that it hear through the senses (ears). So while saying “don’t be angry”, our mind can’t pictrolly imagine the words ‘don’t’ and ‘be’ respectively and the only mental image it forms is that of anger. Hence was his action 🙂

    Hence from your Vlog, I have learnt that we should avoid getting rid of the negative things and emotions as we only tend to waste our whole life in order to get rid of them and we do not contribute to our society. Instead we should try to channelize our thoughts and emotions towards the positive ones (-ve ones still persist there) and we should focus more on +vity.

    Now I know which sentence will really help me –

    “Nothing is impossible”


    “Everything is simple”

    I know, the second one.

    At the end, I have read somewhere that this universe exists only because of the balance between the positive and the negative potential energies. (Well I’m not a science geek 😛 )

    Sorry for the long comment. Thanks for the spark 🙂

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    • You might not be a science geek but you’re fucking awesome 😀 I use the word FUCK when I super happy/excited or pissed off 😛 It’s on you to choose why I used fuck 😀 But, brother, it’s so good to see that you could connect the dots of your past after watching the video. Slowly I am realizing that this vlog thing is actually helping people. I didn’t know it will help until I did it & I am seeing it’s response. I am honored to have mentioned your name as you inspire me too 😉 Now, don’t go on breaking stuff. If you wanna break something? Break the threshold of your patience/anger. Try to ignore the negative stuff and concentrate on the positive 😉

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      • I know there is no any offence in your tongue (how can there ever be!) and I must say your vlog is now going to hit the box office 🙂 Keep inspiring us with your creative and educational works.
        I’m glad to have you in my life, my brother 😀

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  4. Darshith, very nicely done talking about darkness which is the other side of the coin – light. We need darkness so we can learn, grow and appreciate light. Darkness is our teacher and if we can see darkness as a positive thing rather than something negative then it becomes something useful. Yes darkness is very difficult to come out of but if you fight darkness with darkness you remain in the dark. The solution is turning on a light which you described really well in yet another awesome vlog 🙂 I wrote a blog awhile back called “Light a Candle Instead of Cursing the Darkness” but you already know that 😉

    Deepika ❤

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