AtoZ challenge Day07 (G for G*%&^)

Hello, friends!

She always made him smile & hence, he named his site “Smiles here & smiles there”

“Smiles here & smiles there” has gone 1 level up from 1st April. I have made a YouTube channel in which I will share inspirational thoughts & other random yet relevant thoughts & also some of my personal experiences. You can subscribe to the channel @ Darshith Badiyani.

Check out the video on alphabet G. Idea is similar to that of the last video and hence, many words are covered in this video too.

P.S.: You can always like/comment/share/subscribe to my YouTube channel to get direct notifications. Today’s song pick is Gangnam Style by Psy. The person who inspire me with alphabet G from the blogging world is Gaurav Chaplot.

25 thoughts on “AtoZ challenge Day07 (G for G*%&^)

  1. Fantastic video, Darshith! Love how the video flows and how you expressed the various words in a lovely format. Glory, Guide, Grow, you put up amazing words and explained them in such a wonderful way!
    I’m not so sure if I’m much of an inspirational guy. I’m mostly an idiot wasting time, but thank you so much for the honour, cheers!

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  2. Wow… This is great bhai.. You have it well glory is what others see it, we have to feel glorified within our mentality to be really successful. And we are all in a game of play, where we don’t know the rules, players, field of play, goal.. But we learn it by following our passion and by being with a purpose.

    Well linked up these many words with G bhai.. You are Genius and Genuine at the same time..

    This song created ripples during our engineering days.. 😉 😛

    Bhai.. Finally weekend aagaya.. 😀

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  3. Very motivating post on reaching your glory and goals Darshith 🙂 You mentioned that with the help of a guide and knowledge you can reach what you are aiming for which is great and I would also like to add that your experience is another great help. Even if you haven’t reached this particular goal before, there was probably another time in the past where you used the same skills to reach a different goal and these same skills can be applied here too. These are called transferable skills so when you look back on your experience and how you got there, you will know how to use them in the present moment. 🙂 Keep creating a positive ripple effect out there 😉

    This song is played at almost every office party and even weddings during the dance party 😛

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