AtoZ challenge Day10 (J for J&^*%$#)

Namaste to all the people out there.

“Smiles here & smiles there” has gone 1 level up from 1st April. I have made a YouTube channel in which I will share inspirational thoughts & other random yet relevant thoughts & also some of my personal experiences. You can subscribe to the channel @ Darshith Badiyani.

Check out the video on alphabet ‘J’.


P.S.: You can always like/comment/share/subscribe to my YouTube channel to get direct notifications. Today’s song pick is Just the way you are of Bruno Mars. People who inspire me with alphabet ‘J’ from the blogging world are Jackie, Jennifer, Jim, & Jithin 😀

12 thoughts on “AtoZ challenge Day10 (J for J&^*%$#)

  1. Im honoured! 😀
    And you talked about Journey which gives you another brownie point from me. You should have talked about ‘journey is my path’ too 😛

    Thanks brother for including me in your A-Z challenge 🙂


  2. this must be tough since you also have a job… your daily vlogs on the A-Z challenge are great start…
    told you slow isn’t the word I’d use for your year. 🙂
    Keep doing this Darshit.


    • Thank you, Somali, for your wishes. I was meaning to make some videos but was not sure what to speak but this challenge has actually given me something to work on and I am enjoying it 🙂 No doubt, public speaking is improving 😀

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  3. Wowwww! 😀 Darshith, I love your analogy about the road with houses as compared to our life journey with people. Very creative 🙂 As you were talking it reminded me of the Alchemist and Santiago’s journey to his destination and how he interacted with the people he met along the way. The journey is where happiness lives and sometimes we forget that because we’re too focused on the destination. You’re right in saying we have to be choosy when knocking on other people’s doors for their input and it’s also important to listen to ourselves 😉 Your vlogs are very inspiring, you’re doing great work here 🙂

    A million thank you’s for mentioning me in your post today ❤ You are so kind hearted and you inspire me too 🙂 You made me smile here and I hope you are smiling there 😉 🙂 I know Jackie and Jithin are great and I'll have to check Jim's blog.

    This song by Bruno Mars is one of my favorites for sure 🙂

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