Life as we know it

“Life is how we see it.” Some similar quote may have been said by someone famous & wise, but this is what I have realized lately about life. Few of you may agree to it & most of you may not. I don’t hold grudges against you, just chill πŸ˜€

Why I reached this conclusion? I have been a part of some devastating life changing incidents lately. Those have let me reach to the above statement.

I have a 6-month married cousin, who is just 1-year elder to me & has been my partner-in-crime since childhood days. He suffered a minor heart stroke 2 weeks back & had to be admitted to a hospital. Doctor said it was all normal & he has to cut out eating fast food & fried food of outside. The best way to live for him without further similar problems is NOT to eat anything spicy outside.

This kept me thinking. At such a tender age(20s’), restrictions have started to grow its root in his life. But then there’s no other way for him.

I had another cousin, yes, I know I wrote HAD because she expired some days back. She was a teenager and this mishap happened because she had some sugar related health issues. That news came as a shock. I couldn’t take her out of my mind. She’s the one who introduced me to this wonderful song, Amnesia(one among the many). She made me love One Direction. She’s left a void, no doubt.

Both the incidents happened within 2 days and they were quite a setback. Life is sensitive. Life is never in our control. We are always under the obligation that life will vanish into thin air and never be found. We, as humans, are helpless creatures.

Why did I mention this here? Because I know we all have trouble, shortcomings, & our own set of problems in life. We have tension of job & family & studies. But we have to make sure that it don’t get into our brain. The troubles should me thought of as a guest visitor in our home & not a permanent resident. If you have the power, don’t open your doors to trouble, but then they find their way inside somehow.

I have problems too. I have job-related tension and other stuff but then after going through the above 2 incidents, I realized, thinking & over thinking won’t help me in any way. The only thing that will help me is THOUGHTFUL ACTION.


I have to do what I love. I don’t have to invest a single second thinking about the things that drain me from within. If I don’t like someone, l will leave them. If I don’t like my job, I will leave it. If I love someone, I will let them know how much they mean to me. Because, in the end, nothing will count except how I felt myself & how I made others feel. So, feel positive things & try to spread this inner positive feeling to others. We all need it. Sharing is the best way of communication.

P.S.: I want to say, “I am back, bitches!” but I can’t πŸ˜‰ I will start blogging again soon(gimme some weeks) and today’s song pick is Lush life by Zara Larrson. I will also do the remaining videos of AtoZ challenge but I am occupied as of now so they will be coming in 2-3 months time πŸ˜‰

23 thoughts on “Life as we know it

  1. Sad to see you going just when I’m “coming back!” And yes, this quote. πŸ™‚
    Great thoughts here. Hope all’s well, though. Reminded me of the small changes I need to make in my life, as well. Talk’s cheap, right? You gotta actually go out and do it. Thanks for the motivation. πŸ™‚

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  2. u r right is a story of sadness n sometime happiness.two tragey in ur life can be d reason of ur depression bt ur positive image has saved u.i admire of ur positivity.welcome n thanks for so much heart touching thoughts.

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  3. So great to see you back writing again Darshith. Sorry to hear this news, I hope things improve for you and your family soon, it’s been a stressful time lately. I like what you said about sharing is the best way of communication πŸ˜‰

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  4. Hi Darshith “Life is how we see it.” I don’t know how any person could disagree with that statement! It has been adopted by many businesses here to be used in employee development training, but is
    re-worded to “Perspective is reality”. If more people took the time to think about it, and really understand the ramifications of it, then the world would be a much more harmonious place to live!

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