Is it stability or totally opposite?

Have you had ups & downs in your life? Don’t consider me as a fool for asking that because there are people who lead a simple, normal life & that’s a bliss for them.

But then there are others whose life is a roller coaster. Daily. Weekly. Throughout the year. Yes, their lives take new directions almost every single day. With such impacting events, people are bound to have aΒ wide range of emotions.

When events are in favour, people feel happiness, ecstatic, joy. When against, they feel gloomy, sad, disheartened. Then there comes the feeling of saturation, that feeling of nothingness(is it a feeling too?).

So now, I have a simple question for you all. All you gotta do is share your thoughts in the comments section.

“Is it emotionally stable or emotionally unstable to feel every feeling that needs to be felt?”

Just to explain, if a person feels all the above feelings whenever required, will you call the person as emotionally stable or unstable?

Stable because he feels a wide range of feelings(Kudos! He ain’t dead from within).
Unstable because he allows the situation/events to make him feel different every-fucking-time.

About me, I would say that I am someone who seldom feels differently. For me, success, failure, achievements, shortcomings, all is mostly the same. I try to maintain a gravity so that outside events don’t have a bigger impact on me. But then, it’s not always possible.Β But then sometimes I want to feel, actually feel things, and then I am numb.

So, shall I call myself emotionally stable or unstable? Help me!



P.S. :Β  Today’s song pick is Mirrors of Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars. Can looking at the mirrors help me(or anybody else) feel things better?

24 thoughts on “Is it stability or totally opposite?

  1. You are asking the wrong question. Just because you feel a lot doesn’t mean you are unstable. It simply means what it is: you feel a lot. If you try to block the pain and pretend it doesn’t affect you, you will feel numb because you are not being true to yourself. The sad reality of life is that in order for pain to not revisit you over and over again, you have to take a deep breath and make space for it. You have to welcome it and embrace it. Once you embrace it fully rather than labelling it one way or the other, it transforms into this comforting thing that transforms you as a human being. Because finally, you have fully accepted who you really are.

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    • Yay! I have a new follower πŸ˜‰ Thanks! What you said in your comment is something which I totally believe in but in my post I wrote that I don’t feel most of the feelings. So that is something I think I have to address but then it is not of any high priority. Feeling things is always important as it keeps you alive from within. Acceptance is a big hurdle in our lives & if we cross it smartly, we’re already winners πŸ˜‰


      • I think I know the state of feeling nothing. I remember writing about it long time ago. How we get there is a combination of many factors but the most important one is the realization that everything hurts you deeply. It’s hard to just brush things off like others can. And there can be various reasons for that too mostly embedded in our life experiences. But if theres one thing I can tell you, as the 1st step, examine your sources of happiness. List them out when you are alone. And then examine if they are the causes of your sadness too. That should provide some clarity

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  2. Darshith, why are you bothered about stability anyway? Are you happy the way you are? The answer to that question could come only from you and that is the only one that matters.. πŸ˜‰


  3. there have been stable and strong at every situation.even if I get a wholesome victory or desperately lose I face it .I put a smile on my face…..well this is what others think …outsiders think I am strong from a distance …
    how will they know I keep crying keeping myself locked up…
    stability is good but feelings are too wonderful…being emotional is not bad afterall.
    And if you are stable count it as a blessing….
    I did speak a lot sorry for boring you

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    • Your words were never boring & I could connect with them a 100% percent. Stability is good but then as you mentioned, feelings are important too. I gotta hold on to whatever feelings I feel & start to feel more πŸ˜‰ Thanks again πŸ™‚

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    • It’s that we all have our own set of special qualities. If someone is iron man then the other is Batman πŸ˜€ you have your own special quality and that is writing Wonderful verses & I admire you for that & more ❀ Thank you for accepting me as I am πŸ˜›


  4. Great blog and question to put out there Darshith! I think it’s natural and healthy to feel every emotion because it’s how we deal with life, heal and move forward. However, if those emotions become extreme and start interfering with everyday life in a negative way, then that’s when it becomes unstable because it’s unhealthy. I read something somewhere that said the more you suppress your feelings you lock them into place. That’s not good so express them!

    By the way…you’re stable πŸ˜‰

    Love the Rubik’s cube guy πŸ˜›


  5. β€œIs it emotionally stable or emotionally unstable to feel every feeling that needs to be felt?”

    good question.. i liked it’s sense..

    and don’t worry.. you are absolutely stable..

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  6. You are stable Darshith, have fun don’t think too much this up’s and down’s are depends on person how he/she takes it.But yes initially it hurts and person become unstable but with time person try to engage with normal life and wound heal and stability would increase with time,if someone wants to get over this. As I am from medical field everyday I deal with personal impact on someone life, people’s who lose their loving ones, when I was new in this, it affect me also like I lose my loving ones and my life became unstable but now it’s normal for me.Like this it vary with time stability and unstability.Happy weekend Darshith😊😊

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  7. Guess what?
    I wanted to ask the same question! Therefore, I want to thank you for this post.
    So we both are pondering upon the same thing but the only difference between us is that, you feel numb and i feel everything! My life…at least at this point of time, is a roller coaster and trust me…it isn’t always exciting to have a life like that. Thing is, not situations and events, i allow PEOPLE to have an impact on me. I think too deep about the advices that people around me, give me and end up being confused, having mixed feelings, if two parties give different views. This leads to INSTABILITY, of mind, of decisions. Hence, i think that, its emotionally unstable to feel everything that needs to be felt.
    I’m hard to be influenced but easy to be inspired which again, isn’t very exciting all the time!
    This again makes me confused whether I’m strong minded or weak!
    Thirdly, i feel too deeply the emotions of the other person i care about…. Pain, excitement, happiness everything. Now, this is really tough to handle-emotions of oneself plus emotions of the other person. I think this too is emotionally unstable. Why r we different bodies if i want to feel some other person’s feelings so deep? i come to a conclusion that it is completely okay….” STABLE ” , to NOT to feel different in different situations. Talking spirituality, i want you to know that the more you remain composed in a situation, the more spiritually higher person you are. Old souls-more matured and calmer. Composed in every situation-good or bad.

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    • I had to read your comment twice to understand it πŸ˜€ I hope that I understood it πŸ˜‰ well I agree with most of it. The ending about old souls(good that you didn’t mention bodies), composure made me happy. Being in different bodies is something which we can question but can’t change anything about it. As you feel everything, you know more feelings & it’s a blessing. As you know more feeling, you can understand people & their words & their surrounding in a better manner.

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  8. Feeling feelings is neither stable or unstable. How we express those feelings could well be categorized as mature, immature or juvenile etc., and that could lead to questions over emotional stability or instability.

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    • Agreed! Our reaction is something that categorizes us into mature/immature/juvenile, but then we have to feel something then only we can react to it. I understand your point saying that feeling things is not stable or unstable but I meant that if i don’t feel things most of the time(90%), is it stable or not?


      • Hi Darshith. Feelings are neither stable or unstable. How you react could be stable or unstable. If you have no feelings about anything, it may not indicate a stable/unstable situation. If however your reactions are erratic, insensitive, inappropriate etc., then you could be considered unstable.

        A teenage infatuation is neither stable, nor unstable. If however the teenager harasses the object of the infatuation, then emotional instability may be determined.

        Likewise if you chose to isolate yourself from feelings (Paul Simon’s “I am a rock, I am an island), it is neither stable nor unstable. If your isolation however means you are adversely reactive to the people around you, then you may be considered unstable.


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