Pillars of my life

“No, I can’t.”, I said.

Dimple said irritatingly, as always, “I am not gonna ask again. Just do as directed.”

“But, you know that I can’t because….” and I was shown THE SILENCE sign by her, i.e., index finger on lips asking me to OBEY as said. I didn’t say a single word more. I knew that if I don’t do as asked, she’ll be mad at me and I didn’t wanted that. She’s been my support since theΒ beginning of time. Yes, she’s my sister.

I write this post not because of anyΒ knowledge sharing purpose. This is just a way to show my love for my sisters and the people who have always suppoerted me through thick and thin.

Dimple has always been the one who has believed in me from the start, even before I started believing in myself. Whenever we converse, I say things like above, that “I can’t” or “I do not know how to do this.” and there she comes to my rescue(over and over again), to make me believe, to make me feel confident about the stuff I do and asking me to TRY because failure/success is the result(or the output) and it ain’t in my hands. What I can do best is give my best shot(or in cases, multiple attempts) and that will be the input and there should be no lack of that.

She’s awesome and then there comes another Angel. Her name’s Pooja. She’s younger to me but her thoughts just makes me feel and realize, “How come she’s so matured and can think straight?” I was naive and a fool when I was her age and then comes up with questions and explanations, which I didn’t think and it makes me think. Questions about Life, Love, pain, sacrifice and all I try is to answer as per my Β best knowledge.

Both of them are not book lovers but what I love about them is when I go to a book store/vendor to buy books, they pitch in with all their interest and help me choose good books and also bargain the prices. Wish I could do the same when they go for shopping but that I can’t do πŸ˜›


New B’lore book collection. Want your hands on them? πŸ˜›

P.S.: I love you both a lot and all my other cousin sisters too. You all have been a source of inspiration for me in the ways, which I can’t explain and you won’t understand. Cheers to love. Cheers to life. I am happy to have such great people(family, friends, colleagues) in my life. See you all soon. And, today’s song pick is Drag me down sung by SOUMITRI & DARSHITH πŸ˜€ Yeah, you heard it right. We sung this song, so feel free to listen and share your feedback.

39 thoughts on “Pillars of my life

  1. They say guys are bad at bargaining πŸ˜‚
    Loved your collection! Hope that it grows bigger. I can suggest you some feng shui to keep evil eyes away from them lol
    Your sisters have beautiful eyes.
    In this life “sibling” is something that I’ll miss having.

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    • Oh yeah, it can be difficult for you to feel the “sibling love” in this life but you can still feel portions of it from cousins and all πŸ˜€ Beg your parents for a sibling πŸ˜› That can make you happy and you’ll have someone to listen to your words too always πŸ˜› Ye Feng shui kya hai vistar me batao.. And I am not that good at bargaining so I can use all the help available πŸ˜‰

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  2. So you were thick once in a while?

    Because since the time I have known you have been just thin..

    What about Bengaluru?
    You shifted there now..

    Your collection makes my eyebrows go up..good enthusiasm

    Your song..
    I will check when I am back with some better connectivity.

    Good going over all

    Pump it up with nitrous boosters.

    See you around.

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