Siblings preference & TVF Tripling


I am less frequent and I am busy. But today I watched TVF Tripling and simply loved it. Those 3 EPs are superb. If you haven’t watched, go now and watch.

The way it amplifies what we miss out of life is creditable. We miss out on our family, siblings, friends and that’s the worst part. We are so engrossed to earn more money and less respect and least caring life that we forget the priorities.

After watching the EPs, I badly want to meet my sisters and hug them and wanna go a road trip of ours. That’d be so fun. 

Just as in the series, I wish I had a brother too but then that’s fine, I am content and super happy with my sisters. 

Let Dusshera come and we 3 be together, let’s go on a trip. Love you all people for reading this and let me know your preference of siblings and what siblings you got.

Happy week. Keep smiling and love life. Family comes to rescue at the moment of crisis. 

17 thoughts on “Siblings preference & TVF Tripling

    • You are not the first person to tell me this πŸ˜› I have been told that my blogs are missed by some and I am sorry to continue with my vlogs. In fact I made another video today πŸ˜‰ but I am yearning to be back to writing because it has its charm and I want it back πŸ˜‰ Thank you, SD, for you constant support and love and it’s always good to spend quality time with family and close friends and that is what I am aiming to do in the coming months ❀


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