I am happy that I witnessed it..

It’s so pure. The love of grandparents for the grandchildren.

Today morning, I was in a bus going to work, as regular weekdays. I wasΒ super sleepy(early morning feeling) and then I saw a kid looking at the line of vehicles at a traffic standing at the side walk. She was hardly 2 years old and probably try it understand, ‘Why so many buses?’, ‘ Why the rush?’, ‘Why the traffic?’, and what I loved the most, was her grandpa’s reaction to it.

He was a white bearded man standing there at the side walk with her, holding her hand. In fact the girl was holding the grandpa’s index finger. All the while, the grandpa was standing still and letting her feel things and analyse her thoughts. The grandpa was not rushing the kid to walk or distract her train of thoughts. On the other hand, the kid was gladly absorbing life and then decided to walk and unknowingly initiated the walk and off they went both.

What a sight it was to see the patient grandpa giving the power of present to her grandchild and the way she bossed the moment. Loved it.

Have you ever felt something so unique that brought a smile to your face and opened up a new level of love and bonding in your life?

Grandfather and granddaughter

40 thoughts on “I am happy that I witnessed it..

  1. I was sitting on the grass in a music festival when a child was being wheeled in. People were mostly standing around me, so at my level I could only see this child’s face. I smiled at him widely and he smiled back and then waved at me. I waved back. Then he got off and disappeared onto the dance floor with his parents. It was a unique moment.

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  2. Aw, this brought a smile to my face. Thanks for recounting this tale. You’re right. This small incident says so much. What a pure, blessed relation. πŸ™‚

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  3. This was a beautiful post πŸ™‚ I think watching kids brings lot of joy πŸ™‚ they take you down to a different world of innocence πŸ™‚ keep writing dude πŸ™‚

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  4. I always write, dream and think about my grandparents. They are such an integral part of our growing up that their void hurts. So, your write-up actually made me smile – bringing in lovely memories. I love such warm writings from your end. Keep writing dude – ALONG with your vlogs πŸ™‚


  5. That is so sweet Darshith! 😊 I agree that when you give kids the time to discover and explore in the present moment it opens your heart more. It can also make you feel like a kid again and relive those moments of your own 😍

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