Good, great news!


I am back again soon! It’s all because of a good, GREAT news!

The person behind who I am, what I am, is going to bring yet another miracle in this world. All we have to do is wait for some time πŸ˜›

Here I introduce Chinks, the reason behind me reading books, writing blogs, being happy, being Darshith ❀

Congratulations for being the best person ever and spreading smiles ❀


P.S.: Chinks and I used to argue about who is the best Dumbledore or Snape. What do you guys think? Can any real person ever become Snape?



14 thoughts on “Good, great news!

  1. Dumbledore vs Snape? Wow… One lived for love another lived to help the man who loved. Someone who has known deeper sadness and pain of a loved one’s death. Someone who grew from being ignorant to someone who protected and cared when it was most needed. While another also made many mistakes to the point that he also had to lose someone he loved. But later the first gave a chance to the second to protect and care for the very one his loved one died to protect. One lived in the light and the other in the shadows. Who is better than whom? Our actions speak louder than words. I love them both, can’t choose. πŸ˜€

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  2. Bhai, I really want to know your opinion about β€œwho is the best Dumbledore or Snape?”
    (don’t ask me I’m totally confused, I’m asking you because you said you used to argue about this, which means you have already pondered about this 😁 )


    • Yes, bachpan me jhagada kiya karte the regarding who is the best between Dumbledore and Snape. My cousin used to say Dumbledore and I used to say Snape(only after Half-Blood Prince) πŸ˜€ Both the individuals were great wizards and for the things they loved, sacrificed everything for the greater good. Now, if someone asks me, I would say, both, but my heart still says Snape ❀ He took all the rants and hatred and ill looks of everyone and was a true lover and a true member of DA πŸ˜‰

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