How difficult is it to think positive?

So! Yes, this time it’s not ‘Yo!’ 😀

I think I have met many people in my life. All kind of people, almost all. What hurts me to express is I am bad at expressing and then how people think negative things and stay with all the negativity.

I have been thinking for some days that how difficult is it to think positive, to think good things, and to understand that almost everything is in our mind. So, if we start to think happy, we certainly become happy, eventually.

I know I am writing this post from my perspective and hence I think it is easy to be happy and positive, but, I think I am ready to learn the difficult things of life and try to understand life from other’s perspective.

I think how we are brought up as a child has a larger effect on our thought process than anything else. But, how we see the world and feel the world and try to understand things is also important. It’s not that the same solution applies to all the problems and scenario and hence we gotta think differently for almost all the cases and try to find the best solution for each scenario individually.

As all people have a different name, and to call them, we use their respective names, similarly, to find a better relationship with any particular individual, we gotta use an unique solution to make it work in the best manner.

I can write numerous things about what to do to think positive but I won’t do it because if that worked, then I wouldn’t have been writing this post here. Things don’t work. People don’t think positive and hence there has to be something underneath this. Not only THEIR MENTAL LIMITATION but something more other than that. I want to figure that out so that we can try to neutralize that factor.

So, please tell me when you face difficulty to think positive. Under what circumstances do you think that you’re all drained of the positivity in your life and start to think negative? I know it’s difficult to express ourselves but we’re at that point in our life that we have to help ourselves or else it’s all downhill from there. Please help me, help you.


15 thoughts on “How difficult is it to think positive?

  1. Positivity is practice, I think.
    A lot of times, I feel that our mind is actually tuned to grasp negative things. Anger, skepticism and disgust can protect us from harm. The movie “Inside Out” showed how important all sorts of emotions are. Being positive at everything does not help every time.
    We must filter our emotions, though. Wrong emotions at wrong time and wrong place are harmful for socio-psychological relations.


  2. Even though We all know that we will survive at the end yet negativity eats us in the moment. Difference arises when we stop thinking about surviving and start living it. Nicely written Darshith. 🙂

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  3. I think it’s normal to think negatively at first when something major happens in life and knocks us down. The important thing that makes us stand up is our attitude and will to choose happiness over being a victim. This is what’s helped me overcome adversity along with practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Gratitude changes our perspective and makes us joyful from the inside out. Not the other way around. Only then can we begin to think positive ❤ That’s just me and my experience 😍

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    • Thank you for your input, Jennifer! I think it all boils to our attitude. Last night itself, I read a quote, “If we change our thinking from feeling broken and hopeless to feeling healing and growing, many negativity or depression can be tackled.” But then, I think, it’s difficult to tune into such a thinking process.

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      • That’s a great quote I like it too but I also agree with you that it’s difficult to tune into such a thinking process. It’s still worth a try 😊


    • But can you explain why is it difficult to imbibe such a thinking process? I have many friends who can’t just think it this way and if I listen to their thoughts much, I myself start feeling sad and negative and start losing hope. Instead of inspiring them to feel positive, it happens the other way around.


      • I would suggest getting rid of such company…you don’t want to let that affect your life in the long run.
        But do try to get them to think positive before you let it go.


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