Others are important

Do you think

That others are important?

Are we important?

Am I important?

And important how?

And important why?

I cannot motivate myself

I definitely cannot motivate you

How am I going to motivate others?

It’s all a sham!

All bullshit and rubbish

The world doesn’t work like this

The world works? I doubt!

It’s all myth!

The happiness, the sadness, the truth

Only pain is true

We’re here for suffering

All suffer we will

So, when we’re suffering

Instead of WHY ME?

Look around and try to

See the disable people

The poor

The unfortunate

The fools

The lost

And feel  that you’re doing OKAY

You’re not doing AWESOME

You never will

But sometimes DOING OKAY is AWESOME

And maybe

Just maybe

Help those others

And this is how it is

Seek inspiration from others

And give it back

Hence it proves

I am important

You’re important

Others are important

We all are!

Feel important!

P.S.: Just because I don’t like to talk much or love to be with myself or respond to the comments late doesn’t mean I don’t like humans or my life is not going well. I am all fine and I am listening to good, new songs. Latest is Late Goodbye by Poets of the Fall.

Actually, I had made a video on “OTHERS” in July 2016(I am awesome!) and it’s here.

Importance of others:

2 thoughts on “Others are important

  1. We are all important, each and every one of us. We need to connect more with each other so that when we do suffer, it helps take some of the pressure off. Online connections are great but in person is so much better. With great communication, we can share what we know, and learn from each other. Suffering is a part of life but so is joy, love, and gratitude.


  2. We are here for the suffering or is the suffering the result of our expectations? Society’s expectations? A structure akin to prison has been made and the moment we are born we are enclosed in it. We are taught to expect certain things from life. Money, material belongings, job, position and when the expectations aren’t met, we suffer. We are not born to suffer. We are taught to suffer.


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