4 seconds of love

What can I say about love?
Everyday it surprises me
Somedays I feel it
Most of the days there’s nothing
And I was in the bus
Gazing outside the window
When I saw a guy in raincoat
He was riding his bike
Leaving his college
Just at the main gate
He met a classmate (someone known)
And they shared a smile and a goodbye
I was not able to see the girl’s face
But the glow on the guy’s face was visible
He kept riding
But all the while making sure to
Look in his bike’s rear-view mirror
And check whether the girl was turning around or not
Those 4-5 seconds were a mystery for me too
I was vouching for the girl to turn around
But sadly it didn’t happen
But surprisingly the glow on the guy’s face remained
And the bus moved on
The guy rode on
The girl walked on
And then I wrote this

P. S. : These small moments of love and happiness makes life worth living. Glad that I could witness it and try to live it. So, how’s you? Hope you get enough love and are grateful for it. Happy Ramadan. Any new songs link?

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