Would you speak to Jesus if you met him on the street?

This title is from the book Go set a Watchman(sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee). It’s not my copy righted title and so don’t think of suing me 😉

But giving some extra thought to this, would you talk to Jesus or any God you worship? I am talking about a face to face conversation. They will be in the same outfit you know them and right there in front of you walking on the street. But you don’t know whether to avoid or to follow your gut and talk..

But let’s assume that you do.. What will you talk or ask?


Ain’t this an interesting topic 😛

I will also share my talk with God(whom I refer as “Sir”) in the comment section in a while 😉

P.S.: Today’s pick of song is Cave by Mumford and sons. This song is awesome 😀